Postcard Paywall

My Paywall post turned out to be an April Fools joke. But the idea of making money from my blog remains appealing. I have in the past, as you may know, monetized this blog in a few ways. I’ve come up with a new idea. Do you remember when I used to send off postcards to lucky recipients when I lived in Mexico? I quite enjoyed that. Seeking out unusual cards, and finding new people to send them too.

I’ve decided to revive that idea. With a financial twist. In other words, I’d like to sell some postcards. I suspect they’ll move more slowly that when I sent them for free, but still. One can but try Worse case scenario? I will have a nice collection of postcards! I have two to kick things off. Both from the Netherlands. Zaanse Schans to be precise. It’s a Mecca for windmill tourists, about half an hour outside Amsterdam on the bus.

Would you like one of these cards? How much, I hear you ask. I’ve plumped for $5 per card. After postage, that’ll leave me with a $2 profit, mas o menos. Some cards cost more, so check the value of each card.  It’d be nice to shift one once a month, anyway. We’ll see. Click here for details on how to get one of these cards.


4 thoughts on “Postcard Paywall

    • Were I a vendor from the streets of Marrakesh, I would be haranguing you for payment as we speak. Indeed, I’d have started nagging within seconds of you taking possession of it. Which would have happened moments after I assured you ‘free! free! free!’.

      But I’m not from those parts amigo, and the card was, of course, a gift. Besides, we both enjoyed putting the postal services to the test!

      But it was a really cool card. I see plenty of cool cards on my travels near and far. Now I have an excuse to buy them.


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