Fair Weather Friend

I posted a small article on the Yahoo Weather Project a few days ago. An update – two of my photos have been accepted. If you should be in Xochicalco or Arundel Castle on a clear sunny day, and open up your Yahoo Weather app, you might well find yourself looking at one of my photos. Exposure is always good. Providing it’s decent.

The process was straightforward. I added photos for consideration, then they were added to pool upon approval, and tagged with ‘clear’ and ‘day’. Looking through the pool it is clear than they like photos with a lot of sky. And I suspect that adding photos from slightly obscure locations will have a greater success rate.

The Yahoo Weather project has me thinking about my photography a little more. I’m going to be shooting with ‘weather’ more in mind. Not just with a view to capturing the cliched clear sunny day. I am sure this project will help improve/develop/direct my photography over the coming months.



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