Mexican Triangle

Ipsos recently released a pretty detailed survey, detailing the best cities in the world. The best to visit, the best to live in and the best to do business in. It’s worth a look at. Needless to say, the usual suspects all turned up at the top of the list – London, New York and Paris. No shocks. But I was looking at the list for another name. I saw Abu Dhabi, LA, Singapore, Stockholm and others. But not the one I was looking for. I didn’t see Mexico. Not in that top twenty list.

It’s a travesty. Judging cities is subjective, but I struggle to see how quite a number of those cities feature above Mexico. Actually I don’t. I know why. Mexico City is just not on the radar. Not the British radar. Not anyone else’s radar, perhaps other than the Spanish and other LatAm countries. The Bermuda Triangle moves a few hundred miles south west the moment you talk tourism. And poor Mexico City is swallowed whole.

On one hand it’s hard to see why. The place is so full or cultural, art and life. On the other hand, it has suffered decades of terrible pollution, poverty and crime and all the negative publicity which came with it. Most European countries focus on international cities within the boundaries of their own empires. And too many people in the United States still assume that Mexico is a desert where sombrero toting peons ride donkeys to work and beat their wives when they come home.

I’ve spent ten years trying very hard to put Mexico on the map. To get it bleeping on the radar. And I have clearly failed. So far. But I shall persevere. Trust in me and let me lead you to the promised land. A city where the sun shines every day. Where the people smile more than in most cities. Where colour is vibrant and ever present. Where food is hot, tasty and cheap. Where art drips from the walls of almost every building – in the case of graffiti, literally so. Where there is an adventure round every corner. Go to Mexico. You’ll be amazed.


14 thoughts on “Mexican Triangle

  1. Andean says:

    New York City is as exciting as it is beautiful. The poll doesn’t surprise me. Sometimes to live it is to know it…

    I have not been to Mexico City, maybe someday I will experience the wonders you portray. But, I have been to many areas of Mexico and had the most entertaining and memorable of times. Looking forward to my next trip… can’t be soon enough.


    • Amazing photos! Great blog and keep pushing because Mexico is fabulous!!! I love it here in Isla Mujeres, Mexico. This island got rated 6th in the world on Trip Advisor for 2013. The island is gorgeous and the people are so nice, welcoming, and helpful! I have met Mexicans from all over Mexico that are working and traveling here. I would love to tour around the rest of the country. They have shown me pictures of the mountains and waterfalls in Chiapas and they look amazing!


  2. Too HOT! 😆

    I think the radar misses a lot of cities, especially the small ones. If I were rich I would spend half my time in Paris, no doubt — it’s got everything. But I would spend the other half in Friday Harbor in the San Juan islands off the coast of Washington. Tiny, but the position on a daily basis of such scenic beauty takes your breath away. BTW, their only museum is the whale museum. Pretty muck gives you an idea of what that place is like. :p

    Hope you get to back to the promised land soon.


  3. I’m with you. It amazes me that people (and these polling organizations who SHOULD know better) totally miss Mexico. DF is one of the amazing cities of the world, and a few hours by bus from more amazing things. And all of this is achievable for about a quarter of the price of a European vacation. As you say, the weather is generally fabulous, the people friendly, the food great and cheap.

    What’s not to like?


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where at times we’d love to send some of the many tourists to México.


  4. Great post and photos. I agree. I’ve never been to the great cities of Europe but I’ve been to just about every Latin American capital and a fair few big cities of Asia. Mexico City is very, very high on my list. Mumbai and Tokyo are the only two cities that rival it for energy and excitement from my experience. I’m obviously not part of your target here- you’re preaching to the converted!


    • Yeah, it’s definitely not you that I’s trying to convince! Tokyo is definitely a city I’d love to visit. In my Top 5 To Do list. Alas, it’s the furthest and most expensive of the list so will possibly never get done.


  5. Mexico City is an incredible city in so many ways, and everyone I know who has visited it has loved it. There is an amazing amount of culture, history, entertainment, colour, natural beauty, etc. I’ve lived in the city for four years and I still haven’t run out of things to do and see. However, I do think that living in it is a different ball game… I guess it’s subjective though like you say. For example for me it’s a challenge every single day to cope with the work ethic which is way more: Live to work. than: Work to live. Love your photos and I do love Mexico City. 🙂


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