Through The Keyhole

Back in the early 1990’s I used to watch, amongst other numerous examples of televisual tripe, a programme called, Through the Keyhole. The recently departed Sir David Frost presented, with the annoyingly nasal drone of Lloyd Grossman guiding viewers through the homes of the rich and famous. One can but assume that the kudos Frost earned from interviewing Nixon had by now been lost. And that the owners of their homes were fading stars or otherwise desperate for a little more attention before dropping from the public spotlight entirely.

I’m neither famous nor wealthy, and there’s no star presenter I can call on to guest write this post. You’ll have to make do with just me, multitasking as presenter, guide and personality all in one.  It’s a brief tour. Unlike the show, there are no prizes for guessing which personality is hiding behind that keyhole. It’s not a secret.

There’s obviously a Mexican connection here, and perhaps an interest in photography? And a contrast in movement too, thrown in for good measure. Are those medals we see, possibly with a Mexico City Marathon medallion amongst them? It’s fair to say that these probably weren’t won by a turtle. Although turtles are clearer considered winners in this household. There’a also a book, which one could only assume is for learning Spanish to be used in taxis and at Lucha Libre events. Finally, a mass of cables under a table. Perhaps we are getting the point of the post.

That table is an heirloom. Once upon a time it was the dinner table in a household of five in North West London. It’s a fold-away sort of a table that grew wings even below Red Bull was invented. It was my grandfathers. Then my mothers. It is decades old, older than myself. It’s currently in my possession, but is no longer used for meal times. Today it is my workstation. Can you imagine what the chaps and chapesses who made/packed/sold this table would have made of this photo if they’d seen it back in the 50s/60s? There is no photo of Mrs P on the desk, I’m sorry to say. Just a little clock that I’ve had since forever. Which has its time set by an atomic clock to tell Mrs P how late she is for work to the absolute nano second.


Once upon a time I spent a good deal more on my tech. I had a huge purpose built workstation with the latest 19″ CRT flat screen monitor, the latest PC money could buy (which I built myself)  a 5 speaker sound system, a secondary PC and a very comfy executive chair. That was ten years ago. I was single back then, and earned substantially more than I do today. Alas. Times change.

Today, I prefer to keep things simple. I like wireless, although the mess of cables underneath my chair suggest otherwise. Had I the money, I’d own an iMac, with a wireless printer, mouse, keyboard and single Bose (or similar) speaker. I’m a bit of a way off from the promised land though. But the important thing is that the laptop is a half decent unit. It serves me well. Those of you who follow along have seen all the photos of where I’ve been. Now you’ve seen where the adventures are put together, ready for the digital world.

Kudos to señor Calypso, and his idea to open the keyholes of the Mexican blogging community. Of which I like to consider myself an honorary member, rather than former member. You can regard me as a future member, if you wish. Although, looking at Mr Calypso’s set up, maybe he just wanted to show off. I’m not sure how a man can have so much tech in his life, and be married! He’s a very lucky guy!


10 thoughts on “Through The Keyhole

  1. Andean says:

    Everything IS wireless–cables are just for charging, no?
    A short while ago my HP printer had a slow passing to… a wireless Epson. The drawback–none, except maybe ALL the printed pages that are in the slot, just waiting to be picked up.


  2. Your set-up looks very British I think 😉 Quite tidy – disappointed that the photo of Mrs. P is missing.

    As to all my toys and the myriad cables – Anita is victim of Folie à deux I am afraid. Some of that stuff is hers (bequeathed mostly). We got away from sharing a computer (or two) to each owning a few – and there you have it: two people surrounded by a lot of electronics.

    Thanks for joining in – you are indeed a member of the group regardless of where you might be sitting at any given moment.


    • My workstation at work is anything other than British. A Mexican flag is blu-tacked to the monitor along with a small picture of Shakira. I didn’t put it there, but feel in no rush to remove it. There are photos of Mrs P around and abouts, but my workstation is not terribly spacious. Which is, in itself, very British I guess.

      I’ve enjoyed the various workstation posts that I’ve seen. It was an interesting idea.


      • Here I thought you were a photographer for a living? What is it you do from your small cubicle? It seems very liberal of your employer to allow Shakira (but then who wouldn’t “allow her”) and the equally lovely Mrs. P to join your workstation. In the U.S. they are so down on any personal stuff to take your mind off your work I suppose?


        • A professional photographer? Chance would be a fine thing! Would I even like to do that as a living? It depends. Wedding photographer? No thank you. Stock photography shooter? No thanks. A travel photographer? Yes please! I’d rather like to earn a living doing Thomas Hawk sort of photography. In other words, just walking the streets of assorted cities doing creative shooting. From what he’s previously suggested he gets from selling his photography – well, I could live on that pretty happily in Mexico.

          Instead, I sell home insurance over the phone. Mostly to over 50s. I’ve had worse jobs, to be fair. But I’d hoped for better. Shakira’s smile gets me through the day.


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  4. You don’t want to peak under my desk. Seriously. Remember that scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark with all the snakes? Imagine that if it were a lot dirtier and much more of a fire hazard. As for the top of the desk, well maybe I’ll post that on the new blog. Let’s just say it looks like it has been worked at. :p


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