New York, New York

It’s trendy to repeat the name New York. It’s just how it’s said. I can’t think of any other city that needs its name to be said twice. But then, each city has its own little catchphrase. It’s London calling, not Paris, after all.  New York is perhaps deserving of its moniker. It truly is twice the city compared to most other metropolis’. I had a week there in 2003 and blew more money in those seven days than I had in two months in Mexico. But it was worth every penny. Or cent.

I saw a show on Broadway – Thoroughly Modern Millie. Which remains the best musical I have seen. I walked from Harlem to Manhattan. Twice. The first time deliberately. The second, due to lack of choice. I watched the most artful robbery ever, along with a little crowd of onlookers that the robber had gathered around. Yes, the robber gathered his victims around him. He did a trick with a dollar bill. Then a five dollar bill. They were good. He asked if anyone had a twenty. They gave him a bill, and he performed another trick, and returned the note. He asked for a hundred, and someone gave him one. And he ran.

I walked around the site of the World Trade Centre. I took the Staten Island ferry to get a glimpse of the Statue of Liberty. I did a walking tour with an Anglophile university lecturer – for a third time I strolled half the length of Manhattan. I had a fantastic time. Alas, I brought back so few photos. Memory cards were pricey in those days, with limited space and it was a long holiday. But I’ve found those old snaps on disk, snazzied them up a little and uploaded to Flickr. Snazzied or not, they remain mediocre. At best. Click here to have a look.



9 thoughts on “New York, New York

  1. Andean says:

    And that card trick, have heard it’s still out there, and suspect people still fall for it.

    btw- Harlem is in the north section of Manhattan. You probably walked to lower Manhattan (southernmostpart) from there. And a long trek it is but many people do it.

    I, of course like the photos, especially of the Statue of Liberty.


    • The walk from Harlem to the WTC site took much longer than the walk back. I did more stopping on the way there. Empire State Building etc.

      For the blackout itself, I had just sat down in a cinema to watch SWAT. I was so knackered I just needed to sit down for a couple of hours. The film had just begun (as in, about 20 seconds in) when the lights went off.


  2. Thanks so much!! I too have always loved NY (SF and DF as well). My favorite photo is , however, the pigeon. Birds do often reign supreme, as I believe that photo captures.

    Do you like pop music? If so, find “Living in a City of Immigrents”, You Tube, by Steve Earle. Sure, he’s a country-type singer, but he sure conveys a love of NEW YORK as well!


  3. New York, New York is the same as Boston, Massachusetts, or San Francisco, California. Which is to say that it’s the name of the city followed by the name of the state. That’s why it’s said twice. So you don’t confuse it with New York, Kansas. LOL….

    I like the shot of the Statue of Liberty. One of the nice things the French did for us.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where there are plenty of city names that get attached to more than one place in more than one state. Paris, Tx anyone? Mexico, MO?


    • I do hope you’ll believe me when I tell you that I know why New York, New York is New York, New York. Despite my best efforts to convince the world otherwise. I should edit the post and word myself better. But I’m going to leave it as a testament as to why a blogger should always read what they have just written before pressing the publish button. I was tired, pressed for time and looking for a lazy line into the story….

      The French sold you Louisiana, which was also nice. They were probably already perfecting the art of surrender though, and these ‘gifts’ were just them ‘thinking ahead’.

      They dug us the Suez Canal. Which was also ‘thinking ahead’.

      I think most North and South Americans are regularly surprised when they come to the UK to find how many names we stole from the US of A. Birmingham, Boston, Washington, Old Jersey, Old York….


  4. LOL…”names we stole from the US of A.”

    California is full of names we stole from the Mexicans like Monterey, San Francisco, San José, etc. Oh wait… we stole the entire state.


    • P.S. I’m sure my day will come for an ill-worded post, but for now, I obsess over every sentence, hit preview about 17 times, and generally stress before I dare press “publish.”


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