Flickr Blogging

If I were a pure ‘stats junkie’, I’d use Flickr not just for my photos, but to blog from to. I get far more exposure there than I do here, or on the Mexile proper. Check out the screenshot above. Only twice in the last month did I get fewer than 200 views. Eight days saw more than 1,000 visitors. One day topped 3000. Th rest were mostly between 600 to 800. It won’t be long before I hit half a million views in total.

I might experiment one of these days, and write a blog post to upload with a photo. Just to see if it increases views on that photo and whether I get much interaction from visitors. I’d be interested to see what happens. I won’t make a habit of it though. While you can blog from Flickr, the comments system is a bit meh, and the whole operation is nowhere near as slick as WordPress. But perhaps I should try and utilise those views more, given my desire to monetise my blogs. Perhaps just adding my web address to each photo I upload.


2 thoughts on “Flickr Blogging

  1. Kim G says:

    You could write a blog post in a text box in Photoshop, and then post it to Flickr. Compared to my young blog, your stats on Flickr are amazing. Congratulations.

    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we’ve had too much to drink to think of anything particularly witty to put here.


    • Compared to my very old blog, the Flickr stats are amazing.Alas, I still make more money from advertising on the blog than I do selling photos on Flickr. That could be down to the fact that whilst my blog boasts 2,000 posts, my Flickr account holds over 12,000 photos.


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