Mexile Reloaded

I tried, really I tried. But I just couldn’t quite completely, irrevocably fall in love with Zoren.It had it’s plus points. But it was just too cumbersome, bloated and space-wasting. We had to part. So I went looking for a new theme. I’m not sure there is a theme I am totally happy with. Pilcrow was great, but I can’t bring myself to go back to a theme with such a narrow post. This one will have to do. It’s simple, and clean. Utilitarian, almost. All the fancy stuff cut out. It has a plain-Jane menu. A raft of new headers to go with my favourite old headers. Image-less sidebar. And a homepage with excerpts rather than the full post. Opinions? Like? Prefer? Detest?



13 thoughts on “Mexile Reloaded

  1. I like this theme. The typography is nice. It’s an overall clean, simple, uncluttered design. And it’s easy to read. These are all good things. The only possible objection, and it’s one that Steve voiced on my original theme (which I’ve already forgotten what it was called), is that you have to click through to read the posts. He sagely noted that one doesn’t want to do anything to make one’s blog harder to read. That said, I’m quite fond of, and it requires a click-through.

    Do you have customizations? If so, I’ll make a suggestion or two. First, this comment box is too small for someone as long-winded as myself. I especially dislike the fact that when I drone on, it doesn’t even have a scroll bar. Second, it’d be nice if there were a hotlink at the end of the post on the front page. Now you have to click the title of the post. Admittedly these are trivialities, but there they are.

    Change is good, and I’m sure WordPress is constantly coming up with new themes. Actually, they haven’t made it particularly easy to browse themes, so I’m sure the perfect theme is out there, but hiding in plain sight. Meanwhile, this theme is quite nice.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we need to attend to our own blog. But aren’t.


    • I can live with the click through issue. In fact, it comes with two benefits. Firstly, it makes searching through recent posts much easier. Secondly, it focuses the mind…..I have one headline and a short paragraph to capture someones attention and make them want to click through.

      The comments box is a serious bug bear. It needs to be bigger, as you mentioned. Also, when I click on ‘reply’ it opens the comment box directly beneath the comment I am replying to. Then the screen annoying refreshes and the comment box goes to the bottom of the page. To add salt to the wound, you then need to click inside the comment box before beginning to type. Jeez…

      I like the clean look, the typography etc etc. But I suspect I’ll be changing theme again before too long. When I find one I like. The comment system is that much of a pain. Perhaps I should have stuck with Pilcrow after all…


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