The Liebster Award

Once upon a long ago, I received a letter through the post. This was very long ago. Age wise, single digits. So long ago that receiving a letter through the post was rather exciting. I didn’t get letters, generally speaking. The occasional statement from Midland bank, referring to me as ‘Master Gary’. Or a reply from a short lived school sponsored foreign penpal. But this letter was entirely unexpected. It was my introduction to the infamous chain letter. The sort where you have to respond to six friends, or bad luck will surely befall you. After all, this chain letter has been going around, unbroken for decades. Centuries. Maybe King Henry VIII once participated.

I was uninterested in the chain letter, put off by the threat of a house potentially falling on me whilst walking to school. Yet bothered enough by the threat to participate. Chain letters are an investment free practice run at pyramid selling. When I got another a few years later, I binned it. Chain letters still exist, but they are digital know. The purest form is spread on Facebook, with soppy messages that you must copy and paste for 1 hour as your status. I’m more likely to defriend someone posting those than join in.

There’s another digital form of the chain letter. One just for bloggers. The most popular of which is the Liebster Award. It is a bit cheesy. But I enjoyed reading the entry on Kim’s blog. And truth be told, I’d enjoy reading a bit more about some of my favourite bloggers. It’s kinda an extension of the Workstation Photo, started by Señor Calypso.  I shouldn’t just lurk, being the internet voyeur. I guess I should participate.

Official Rules for the Liebster Award

  1. List 11 random facts about yourself.

  2. Answer the questions designated by the blogger who nominated you.

  3. Place YOUR nominations for the Liebster Award! Nominate five (or more) other bloggers that have fewer than 200 followers. Make sure to notify them via comment/email, etc.

  4. Make up a set of questions for those nominated bloggers to answer.

  5. Display the Liebster award badge on your blog!

Liebster Award Questions : Eleven Facts About Myself

1. I started smoking when I was 15, and shot up from a shortish 5’6″ to a lofty 6’2″ in less than a couple of years. 2. I punctured a lung in my late teens, due apparently to my growth spurt. 3.My first friend at my first proper school was on Jim’ll Fix It. I wrote in, but was never invited on. I’m no longer as jealous as I was. 4. My favourite bridge in London is the Albert Bridge. You’ve seen it in the movie Sliding Doors. 5. I still have a piece of pencil lead embedded in my wrist, 30+ years after it got there. 6.  My first ever pet was a goldfish called Fred. He died while I was away for a weekend, so our neighbour replaced him hoping I wouldn’t notice. My mum joined in and called him Fred. I did notice, but a tradition was set and I subsequently owned over 30 goldfish all called Fred. 7.If I had to pick between Shakira and Jennifer Lopez, I’d have a nervous breakdown. Perhaps I’d just settle for Cindy Crawford, my original teen crush. She’s still pretty hot at 50. 8. The first football team I ever supported was Arsenal. For just two weeks. This is my dirtiest little secret.  9. I was born in Perivale hospital in Ealing, West London. 10. I was once robbed of £2 after winning a game of pool by a boy who went on to become the 2000 Olympic Super Heavyweight boxing gold medal winner. He ran away from me when I gave chase. It’s perhaps best I never caught him. For me, not him. 11. I have never had the BCG, nor had Measles or Mumps. I live in fear of germs.

When did you first consider moving to Mexico, and how long did it take to make the dream reality?

At the end of 2002, I’d truly had enough of working for Chevron Texaco. The Area Manager was an abysmal chap. The job was unrewarding. I’d served my time. I fancied moving abroad. Mexico wasn’t on the list of potential countries. But when looking for cheap places to do a TEFL, an institute in Guadalajara came up trumps. It was so random. I went to Mexico in the middle of the next year having booked my course. But I spent three months travelling around the country without ever seeing the inside of a classroom and then came back to the UK. I had to consider Mexico as a permanent base a second time for it to become reality. And I will have to consider it a third time to make it permanent.

What do you like the best about living in Mexico?

The sun and blue skies. It’s as simple as that. If you don’t understand, then you aren’t British.

What’s your favorite Mexican movie?

Like Water For Chocolate. I’m not much of  a Mexican movie buff to be totally honest. I’m guessing Machete doesn’t count as a Mexican movie. Shame.

What’s your favorite and least favorite Mexican foods?

My favourite is Barbacoa, which is always at its best when served in a little road side eatery just outside Huichapan.  Least favourite? I can’t remember the name. It was served on tostadas, and I thought it was a tough bit of vegetable. It was actually part of a cow foot. I didn’t finish it. I’m also not fond of putting chili powder on fruit.

Who is your favorite Mexican musician?

I guess Mana. Or maybe Molotov. Naming a musician is hard. I love the sound of mariachis. Can I name a song instead? I think I will then, if that’s ok. There’s one song which brings memories of Mexico flooding back. And there’s one version which particularly brings the background smells, noises and atmosphere of Mexico DF to life. It’s a corny choice, but I truly love this rendition…


7 thoughts on “The Liebster Award

  1. Wow, Gary! You banged that one out fast! Mine took more than a week, LOL. Though I notice you broke the chain, for which you’ll get no grief from me. Only after I had written and published my post did a lawyerly way out of complying with all the Liebster requirements occur to me. I should have just written a post about having been nominated, and then written whatever I liked, without actually accepting the award. Of course no one enforces Liebster Award rules, so I could do whatever I liked anyway.

    But this was an interesting bit of reading, so I’m glad I nominated you!

    Welcome to the club!


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where many years ago (before computers) we wrote a parody of a chain letter, but never got around to sending it out. Perhaps we’ll try to dig it up and post it on the blog.


    • I do bang posts out quickly on occasion. Hence the typos, occasional grammatical error and the (hopefully) less frequent poorly though out content!

      I did break the chain, as you noticed. You’ve already nominated a couple of the best bloggers anyway! I haven’t seen the Liebster Police in these parts, so I think I’m safe!


  2. Gary, we are very much alike in our attitudes regarding useless emails and chain letters. Out of respect for Kim I did just as you – did the questionnaires, not the chain link stuff.As you mentioned I am kind of an instigator with regard to an effort to know better my fellow Bloggers and even readers.

    Wish I had a wide angle lens for the project 😉 Now I wait for your kitchen photos 😉


    • That Kim was the one who passed it on did help spur my participation. But reading Kim’s entry was the greater spur. It was just plain interesting.

      As for my kitchen photos…I may pass on this one. I don’t really have a kitchen to call my own. Perhaps I should just post another photo of Mrs P. Her cochinita is to die for.


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