The Republic of Ireland: Five Cities to Add to Your Itinerary

Regardless of whereabouts in Ireland you’re considering visiting, you will be met with a perfect blend of city life and outstanding natural beauty. Whether you’ve got a hankering for a city break or you’d prefer to have somewhere that is a gateway to the natural world, you won’t be disappointed. Plus, if you hire a car, you will be able to see a bit of everything, with many cities within easy driving distance of eachother. Wherever you decide to explore though, consider these 5 cities when it comes to planning your itinerary.


While it’s probably most famous for its manufacture of Waterford crystal, there is much more to this city and its surroundings than you can imagine. Book yourself into the Waterford Travelodge for a day or two, and you will be able to delve into the Viking history of the city as well as venture beyond the city limits into the rural countryside beyond.


Packed with culture, tradition and atmosphere, the City of the Tribes is an absolute must if you’re heading for the west coast. Whether you have plans to explore the Aran Islands and Connemara National Park, or you want to absorb as much of the vibrant city life as possible, you’re in the right place.


Whether it’s the plentiful festivals you would prefer to plan your visit around, or you’d prefer to explore beyond the city and head for Mizen Head, the most southerly tip of Ireland, there’s plenty to see and do here.


Located at the northern tip of the Republic of Ireland, Donegal borders Northern Ireland and is an ideal place to stay if you’d like to incorporate both countries into your visit.


Of course, a list of potential visiting spots wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the country’s vibrant capital – Dublin. This awesome cosmopolitan city is packed with charisma, character and a stupendous atmosphere. From the nightlife in Temple Bar to the culture of the castle and beyond, you could easily while away a day or several in this upbeat, captivating city.

Take your pick from these cities or look further afield to ensure that your visit to Ireland will be perfectly tailormade to suit your dreams.

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6 thoughts on “The Republic of Ireland: Five Cities to Add to Your Itinerary

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  2. And while in Ireland, be sure to fully enjoy the wonderful cuisine at great prices!

    ¡Viva Irlanda!

    Kim G
    Boston, Ma
    Where, in addition to snarky comments, we decided to at least click the links too so as to improve your monitization cred.


    • Mrs P and I have flown on Ryanair quite a few times. The prices are ridiculously cheap, so long as you’re smart. By smart, I mean don’t take any baggage for the hold, eat before you board and don’t forget to print out your boarding passes. They have a terrible reputation, which makes me want to turn up my nose and fly with someone, anyone, else. But to be completely fair, we’ve never had a bad experience. They’ve always flown on time, the planes are new and clean and boy those prices really are cheap.


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