Best British Views

The Guardian newspaper is, in my humble opinion, the finest media organisation on the planet. Yes, politically and socially it leans in my direction. Although not in all matters. But it’s not simply its bias that I like. I appreciate its investigative journalism. The courage of its editors to print controversial or dangerous articles – see Edward Snowden and Wikileaks. But most of all, I think the Guardian has embraced the digital age in a more cohesive and engaging manner than any other mainstream news producer.

The Guardian Witness app/project is just one typical example. Their current assignment is a competition to find Britains Best view. It’s for photographers. Do make sure you click on that link and go and have a look. The quality of the entries are absolutely terrific. I’d love to win, but you need only scroll for a moment to see that I’m not going to. But I like participating anyway.

I scoured my Flickr sets from the last two years to come up with a few candidates. I was a little disappointed to see what a scarce supply of decent landscapes I had to choose from. I came up with just eight – click here to see them. I’ve benefited from this competition already. I have inspiration from some of those wonderful shots and the knowledge I need to work on my landscapes. The one I chose? The shot above, of course, from Arundel Castle.



5 thoughts on “Best British Views

  1. Kim G says:

    I have a VERY LARGE fond spot for The Guardian. I will remain forever grateful to them for their bravery in exposing the NSA’s relentless spying and for providing Edward Snowden a safe place to tell his story. Their reporting on this subject has been exemplary.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we think you should send in a landscape from Mexico or elsewhere (surreptitiously of course) and see what happens.


    • According to the Guardian, there is more to come from Snowden very shortly. Did you see the movie Wikileaks, by the way. IT was a pretty interesting movie.

      There are other Witness Assignments where Mexican scenes will be permissible, so there’s no need for surreptitiousness!


      • Kim G says:

        It’s just that I think you take fabulous photos, and it’d be a hoot if you won by submitting a photo of a landscape in Mexico.

        BTW, no, I haven’t seen Wikileaks the movie, but I’ll put it on my “someday” list.


    • Morally, she might lay claim to it. Legally….well, the French might offer a different opinion. Although, as you might know, the French president did suggest a merger between themselves and the UK in the 50’s, with the Queen as head of state. Oddly, it was the Brits who declined to take the idea further.


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