Flickr’s New Photo Page

I started this blog a few months ago, railing at the new Flickr. The things I didn;t like still grate a little. But I’ve come to tolerate them. As much as I was angered by that horrible banner, I still can’t see a digital photographic life entirely outside of Flickr. It’s also clear that the Flickr gang are still working on the site. One of my peeves was that the new look was incomplete, laid over the old infrastructure which was still visible.

They may be about to solve some of that. There’s a new Photo View page on the way. There’s a screen shot above. And another below, showing the rather slick sharing option. I had a good poke around and I officially give it my thumbs up. The old Flickr is gone from this new view. It’s all new Flickr. That’s a good thing. It has to be new or old, not bits of both.

Having said that, I’ve opted straight out. It’s work in progress that they plan to implement later in the year and is currently missing some key features. I need some of those features, including the ability to download the image in a size of my choice. They do say they’re adding the old features back in. I greatly look forward to the finished article.



2 thoughts on “Flickr’s New Photo Page

  1. Kim G says:

    I’ve noticed steady changes in Yahoo products. They just updated the e-mail (again), and while my initial reaction wasn’t all that positive, it’s grown on me in the last 24 hours. That said, I worry about my mother getting confused by it, as it follows the current trend of simplifying the visual at the expense of the usability/understandability.

    But with Flicker, the visual is of prime importance. I think they’ll get it right.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we have a Flickr account with about five photos in it. Perhaps we should explore some more.


    • I have a Yahoo account (unused, but logged into every now and then) and did go investigate the changes. Like almost everything Marissa is doing these days, it’s a decent improvement. I don’t like all of the new stuff, but she definitely ‘gets’ the internet.

      I’m feeling more comfortable with the way Flickr is heading. Given how old the site is, how many users there are and how many photos are stored there…..can you imagine how easy it would be to break Flickr, and the outcry if that happened?


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