I took the Bingiton search challenge. I entered five searches and chose the best set of results. There was a clear winner every time. As much as I’d rather wean myself off Google products, Gmail, Maps and most of all Search remain unbeatable. I still mourn Reader, although Feedly is filling the gap admirably. Did anyone take the challenge and win with Bing?



4 thoughts on “Bingiton

  1. I tried Bing when it came out, but didn’t like the busy-ness of the search results and the interface overall. I have the same objection to Yahoo, which looks a lot like a low-end catalog.

    That said, I just tried Bing again, and the results were amazingly fast. Perhaps I’ll have to give it a second chance. While Microsoft can stand on its own two feet, I don’t like the idea of Google gaining some kind of hegemony either.


    Kim G
    Boston, Ma
    Where we are pleased to see that our blog is the top result for a search of “gringo suelto.” Now only if more people wanted to search that term, LOL.


    • Microsoft are trying so hard and get so much right, and their stuff always looks better and functions in a more pleasing way. Bings font is nicer. The problem, however, has become a recurring issue – the final result isn’t there.


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