I took the Bingiton search challenge. I entered five searches and chose the best set of results. There was a clear winner every time. As much as I’d rather wean myself off Google products, Gmail, Maps and most of all Search remain unbeatable. I still mourn Reader, although Feedly is filling the gap admirably. Did anyone take the challenge and win with Bing?


4 thoughts on “Bingiton

  1. I tried Bing when it came out, but didn’t like the busy-ness of the search results and the interface overall. I have the same objection to Yahoo, which looks a lot like a low-end catalog.

    That said, I just tried Bing again, and the results were amazingly fast. Perhaps I’ll have to give it a second chance. While Microsoft can stand on its own two feet, I don’t like the idea of Google gaining some kind of hegemony either.


    Kim G
    Boston, Ma
    Where we are pleased to see that our blog is the top result for a search of “gringo suelto.” Now only if more people wanted to search that term, LOL.


    1. Microsoft are trying so hard and get so much right, and their stuff always looks better and functions in a more pleasing way. Bings font is nicer. The problem, however, has become a recurring issue – the final result isn’t there.


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