Banksy Originals

How do you like your art? Cheap and cheerful? Banksy had something for you if you happened to be in New York a few days ago. He set up a stall and flogged off a bunch of original, signed canvases. For $60 each. Less, if you cared to haggle. I saw no sign on the stall advertising them as Banksy’s. I suspect the lucky buyers just took a fancy to the paintings. How lucky are they? Very lucky. Super lucky. They are truly bastard-class lucky on the Brit scale of good fortune.

The stall took just $420. I’ve read the paintings he sold are valued at up to $250,000. That’s US dollars, not pesos. Quite frankly, even if I were talking Mexican pesos, they walked away with a freaking bargain of a lifetime. Do you like how the old chap manning the stall gives buyers a kiss or a hug? I can’t help but think that if they ever see him again, they’ll initiate the hugging. And the guy who bought four, because he just needs ‘something to hang on his walls’. Geez.

I know what you’re thinking. You’re absolutely gutted you missed this great opportunity, but desperately want to know where the next stall will be set up so that you can get down there to snag a bit of canvas that’s worth more than a car. Bad news. It was a one off. Good news. You can get the next best thing right here on this blog.  I went to Bristol not so long ago where Banksy grew up. And I photographed a few pieces or graffiti, including the one in the image below. It’s one of his most iconic pieces of work.

Thanks to Touchnote, I’ve turned my photo into a postcard, and it could be yours. Doesn’t matter which country you live in, Touchnote deliver. How quickly it gets there is a bit dependent on the country you call home, however, You even get a personal little note from me on the reverse. I like to call this card a Mexile Original. It’s yours for just five bucks. That’s 5 US dollars, for clarity. All you need to do is click here and visit my Postcards page and follow the instructions. Who knows, maybe one day a Mexile Original will be worth some money. Although it’s perhaps best not to buy for that reason, just in case it doesn’t come to pass…



6 thoughts on “Banksy Originals

  1. Andean says:

    There are many of these art stalls set up usually on weekends near Central Park. I will have to pay more attention, next time! 🙂 Famous or not a lot of beautiful art is displayed!


  2. I heard about that story on the radio. It’s amazing that even in New York, he wasn’t “found out.” I guess fame breeds its own success.

    This whole affair reminds me of the time that Joshua Bell played in the Washington DC metro for an hour for change. No one recognized him, and judging from the press reports, no one stopped and said anything like, “you’re wasting your talent here in the subway.”

    The moral of this story? Buy whatever art you like, and to heck with other people’s opinions.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we imagine there are plenty of people equally talented as Banksy, but completely obscure.


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