The Mexican

My latest entry to Guardian Witness. Assignment Readers Travel Photos: Faces.

To survive in Mexico City you have to be able to offer something. Mexico is a country full of music, the air filled with competing mixtures of mariachi bands, salsa, 60s British pop music, soulful ballads and raucous rock bands. On street corners you’ll often find the poorest of the city trying to earn a few pesos for dinner by blowing into a trumpet or plucking the strings of a guitar or violin. This gentleman stood all day in a corner of the Centro Historico, with a cloth at his feet to gather loose change. He played sorrowful solos on his violin that captured the mood of his glassy expression. I added some pesos to the cloth.

I chose the Mexican, because it’s one of the best portraits I’ve ever produced. Easy decision really. But there were other candidates. Maybe you’d have picked one of those as the entry instead. Maybe that might have won me the prize. We’ll never know…


6 thoughts on “The Mexican

  1. Kim G says:

    I remember that photo! As well as the one from the Bicentenario Celebration.

    Buena suerte!

    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where after years of doing this, we are beginning to wonder if our supply of snappy taglines isn’t going the way of old oil wells.


    • I used a fair bit of post processing in Lightroom to bring out the wrinkles and texture of his skin. Easily the most successful application of post processing I’ve ever managed.

      Old oil wells dry up. New ones start gushing. The cycle of life….


      • Andean says:

        After I wrote my comment in and hit post I was redirected to the original page, twice. I waited an hour and tryed again.
        Apparently THAT comment went through.

        Anyway, I really like the photo you chose. His expression of deep thought comes through well. The texture of his skin can almost be felt. And the sombrero and guitar add to his handsome Face.


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