Triple Faves

I can measure how popular one of my photos is on Flickr. I can see how many views a photo has received. I can see who is sharing/using a photo. And visitors can also ‘favourite’ a photo if it really takes their fancy. Some photos get multiple ‘likes’. A long time ago, I created a set to store photos that had been favourited three times or more. There isn’t a huge list of them. Not so many people bother to press the favourite button.

There’s quite a mix of photos in the set. You can see them by clicking here. Some of my better photos are there. And a few odd choices too. But hey, I didn’t do the choosing. The latest entry is one of those odd choices. A prize for the person who can name the location without checking the Exif data…



4 thoughts on “Triple Faves

  1. Steve Cotton says:

    You may yet turn me into a Flickr fan. But I need to get back to using my camera again. The heat has been keeping me house-bound.


  2. Kim G says:

    The latest photo is the one at the top of the page? I’d have to say that it’s from Mexico, though I probably can’t be much more specific than that. Mexico City, likely, just given where you spent most of your time.

    The “triple faves” are all great photos.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we should probably reinvestigate putting a few more photos onto Flickr.


    • It could be a scene in many parts of Mexico and Mexico City especially. But you’re most likely to bump into it in Chapultepec Park. There’s always a Candy Floss stand there, rain or shine.

      Flickr makes perfect sense for you, given you’re already a Yahoo user. We await the results of your reinvestigation…


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