Top Luxury Casinos

Specifically, top luxury casinos I would like to someday visit around the world. When people go on holiday, not everyone wants to necessarily do beach holidays. More and more, people like to combine their hobbies with their holidays, and due to this there has been a rise in casino holidaying. This is where people choose some of the best casinos around the world and travel there to enjoy the gambling and also the resorts in general that the casinos are often a part of.

The Casino at the Wynn Macao Resort in China is one of the most extravagant casinos. It boasts 100,000 square feet of gaming space. You can choose from slot machines, roulette tables and all the usual card games. You really are spoilt for choice. The promenade is a popular spot for shopping as it has all the biggest designer labels in the world there such as Gucci etc.

Nuttin But A Cake Walk

Casino de Monte Carlo in Monaco has opera, theatre, and ballet performances, so there is definitely a high class air about this beautiful casino. With three public gaming rooms open only to tourists and not residents Monte Carlo (id is needed to enter) and private rooms where a suit and tie is required, this casino offers you a truly elaborate entertainment experience.

The Bahamas’ Atlantis Resort Casino is an amazingly beautiful resort located in one of the most luscious areas in the world-the Caribbean. It has lots of touches that make it memorable such as the crystal gate entrance which is made of 2,000 pieces of hand blown glass. There is also a water park, aquariums and even a dolphin habitat! A great place to go to for the whole family too.

The Venetian in Macau has the largest casino in the world with a wide range of casino games. With luxury accommodation and concerts and sporting events taking place in the arena, you are sure to have a wonderful time. You can watch a word famous Cirque du Soleil production here as well.


One thought on “Top Luxury Casinos

  1. Hmm…. hobbies combined with vacations. I’ll bet you that we can’t find a vacation that combines auto repair with an exotic locale. Wouldn’t it be delightful to fly to Tahiti, and then spend your time fixing old clunkers? LOL….


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we could probably offer up such a treat. Any takers?


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