Creating Galleries in Wordpress

How to create a gallery in WordPress in six easy steps. 1. Hit the Add Media button. 2. Click on the Create Gallery option. 3. Upload the images you want to add to your gallery. 4. Hit the Create Gallery button in the bottom corner. 5. The next page will have this column over on the right hand side. Do you want the gallery to be given a bit of a mix up each time someone refreshed the page? Check the Random Order box. More importantly, right underneath that is a drop down box to allow you to select the type of gallery you want. I prefer the Tiled Mosaic. Just hit the Insert Gallery button. 6. Need to make changes? No problem. When you’re back in the post writing screen, your gallery is just a big box in the text area. Click on it and two little buttons appear in the top left corner. One will delete the gallery. The other will take you back into the Gallery Editing screen.

The block of images below are messy. The Gallery feature is probably better suited to photographs than to bland screenshots. Just click on one of the images though, perhaps the first one is the the best place to start, and you’ll see a nice shiny carousel open up the gallery. It works very nicely.


4 thoughts on “Creating Galleries in Wordpress

  1. Very educational as I have done some album out side of blogs and was wondering how to do this in a blog. Done that before but in a trial and error way. I do have questions. Are you use an external photo service in conjunction with WordPress? And, are you use a paid version of WordPress?


  2. Whenever I create galleries like this then I upload photos directly into WP. I do optimise them first, just to reduce filesize. And nope, I use the free WP. The only upgrade I pay for is the domain name.


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