Microsoft ICE

I recently sold my Fuji X-S1. It’s gone to a new home, and I have brought my old Olympus E-PL1 out of the cupboard, dusted it off and put it back into action. I loved the Fuji, but the Olympus is a pretty decent camera in it’s own right. It’s large sensor means that it’s great for low light and creative photography. It’s lens is obviously not as flexible as the Fuji’s, not is it anywhere close to it in quality either. The E-PL1 is smaller though, so it does make it an easier companion to traipse around with.


But I do lose the ability to shoot auto-stitched panoramas. The Fuji did a marvellous job of panoramas. With the Olympus, I must do it manually at home on the computer. There’s an advantage to this. Most cameras that shoot and stitch a panorama for you significantly reduce the image quality. The image below (which, I must confess, is a rather shoddy example owing to poor light and haphazard shooting) was made from about 8 or 9 shots, and loses none of the resolution.

That does produce massive file sizes, of course? My panorama software of choice? There are quite a few options, but I like Microsoft ICE. It’s free, always does an excellent job and because I’ve used it for years, I’m familiar with the layout. If you’re after a panorama maker, it’s definitely worth a look.


2 thoughts on “Microsoft ICE

  1. Kim G says:

    I was wondering how you shot that ceiling. I didn’t think you had a fish-eye lens, but the picture looks definitely fishy-eyed. Either that, or there’s something in my water that doesn’t belong there.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we think more estate agents need to be equipped with fish-eye lenses. I’m tired of looking at 15 degrees of a small room in real estate adverts.


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