Keep Mum

The gift shop at the Churchill War Rooms was full of interesting stuff. There were copies of the handbooks handed out to British troops invading Germany, giving them handy tit bits of info on how to treat the Germans they came across. There was another one for Americans explaining how they should behave in Blighty. Some of the contents were hilarious – you can read it here.

There were lots of wartime posters available for sale too. At extortionate prices. Most of them were also in postcard form though, at a much more reasonable price. Under a pound, if I remember rightly. I liked the one I’ve added below. Mrs P was drawn to it – what does ‘Keep Mum’ mean, exactly? It’s not a phrase you here much today.

The card sums up an era in several ways. The language. The war. The fact that women are a bit stupid. Ah, that last one. Stupid. Women would disagree, and they’d be right. The card sums up just how far we’ve come since the 1940’s, when a female wasn’t expected to be able to understand ‘man talk’, let alone remember it, analyse it and pass it on. We know better now. Although, of course, women still can’t drive. Pft.

Do you like the postcard? It could be yours…..click here.

Keep Mum $5

Keep Mum $5


2 thoughts on “Keep Mum

  1. So is the presumption that the woman is a beautiful, German spy, ready to lure the unsuspecting British military guy into inadvertently spilling state secrets?

    And I just read the link.

    You will find that English crowds at football or cricket matches are more orderly and polite to the players than American crowds.

    I guess that has changed, no?


    Kim G
    Boston, MA


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