WordPress Upgrades

I’ve been giving WordPress some love recently. I welcomed MyOpera users over to this side of the webosphere, and explained galleries too. But I have a few bones to pick with WordPress too. Most are minor, not worth even mentioning. But there’s one gripe I have which does irk though. WordPress.com is free and easy, but you can buy upgrades if you wish. And if you can afford them/justify the cost. There’s a range of upgrades, some of which are very useful, others of which are less so. The only upgrade I have purchased is Domin Mapping at $13 a year. That’s why my blog is at my custom domain, garydenness.co.uk and not it’s native wordpress domain of garydenness.wordpress.co.uk.

Videopress seems a foolish upgrade. Not only is it expensive, but it has limited space. Generous, but limited. Plus, if you don’t renew the upgrade, the videos you’ve uploaded disappear. YouTube is free, less limited and works just as well. Other add-ons, such as the Space Upgrade, Business and Enterprise upgrades are all also pointless for 99.9% of bloggers.


But there are some interesting upgrades that I could be tempted by. The Custom Design upgrade, to allow me to play with the CSS would be great. I’d really like the No Ads upgrade too. They are $30 each. Or $79 if you buy a Pro pack. And then there’s the premium themes. But the prices! Who buys these upgrades?! I guess there must be enough bloggers paying up to make it worthwhile. But I’m convinced that keener pricing would bring in bigger profits. If Premium themes were closer to $20/$30 a go, I’d probably have bought one or two. If a Pro pack includes a Premium Theme and sold for $49, I’d be sold.

Alas, WordPress’ premium upgrades come with genuinely premium prices. So other than the Domain Mapping, I’ve kept my cash in my pocket. Are you listening Mr WordPress? I wish you were. I want to pay a fair price for a decent product, but you’re not delivering. Which is a shame. The latest Premium Theme to hit the collection, Kent, is fantastic. I love it. I’d buy it now. If it were $30. But it’s not, it’s $79. Crazy price. And I’m not buying. Which grieves me. The Mexile in Kent would be a great combo.



7 thoughts on “WordPress Upgrades

  1. Gary,

    My Blog uses my domain and I pay nothing to wordpress? I have been with them many years – maybe they overlooked me? I am sure it was not a policy when I started up with them about 7 or 8 years ago.

    I would really like the feature Steve Cotton has with Blogger where his linked Blogs are sorted by most recent first – I have tried a couple plug-ins that seemed like they would do that – but didn’t. I like to babble but I hate to spend time on the technical side of all this. Poor excuse I suppose – but the truth to tell.


    • John, you have WordPress.org on a self hosted server. This is a WordPress.com blog, hosted by WordPress on their own servers. Different things, different rules, different prices! Same look though…

      I’ll have a look at the widget problem for listing posts. There must be a way round it.


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