Make Business Trips More Bearable

Business trips are not something that many people look forward to. The thought of organising transport, taking at least a day out of your normal working schedule, and often staying away from home can be quite stressful. If you have to fly for business often you are probably sick of the inside of the airport and flying has long since lost it’s exciting connection to holiday travel. You are unlikely to ever find travelling for business fun, but there are certain tips you can follow to make it all slightly more bearable.

Stop rushing!

Heading to the airport with the absolute minimum time to spare is likely to make your flight, and in turn your whole trip, a much more stressful experience. You are unlikely to be travelling at very short notice so you have plenty of time to plan things to beat the rush. An overnight stay in Gatwick the night before your flight can make the next morning much smoother and more enjoyable, with no service station breakfast or mad dash to check in. Equally if you return late at night, for safety reasons you shouldn’t drive straight home from the airport. Check in to a hotel nearby and sleep off your journey.

Pack smart

If you are going on a short trip then you will likely only have your carry on luggage to last the whole trip. Instead of taking one bag at the maximum size allowed in the cabin, try taking two smaller bags on with you. This falls within most airlines terms and allows you to split your luggage into things you need on the plane like a laptop bag, and another bag for clothes and other bits you need for your trip. This also helps with the kerfuffle of trying to cram a bag into an already over filled overhead storage compartment. There is never enough space for everyone’s bags, but there is never an issue with storing your bag beneath your seat as you can do with smaller baggage.

Be tech smart

Make sure you find out about the Wi-Fi situation where you will be visiting and staying in advance of leaving. There is little more stressful than having to run around a strange town in search of Internet in order to send an email after a flight. Check your phone company’s data plan too, you don’t want to come back to a huge bill on either your personal, or business, phone. If the tariffs are too high, consider adding an international data plan to your current package. This can also be used as your own personal Wi-Fi hotspot if you really can’t find somewhere to connect. Make sure to pack the chargers for all your devices, as well as a plug adapter for your destination. Phones and tablets can be charged via USB on your laptop so you don’t need to pack loads of extra adapters.

When you first started your career business trips were probably all part of the dream. Now having stood in a security queue one too many times the dream might be a little jaded. Whilst you can’t make business travel quite as exciting as travelling for a holiday, you can make it a lot less of a nightmare by planning carefully.


2 thoughts on “Make Business Trips More Bearable

  1. My business trips were almost always fun and ALWAYS an adventure, recording LIVE in some club, hall or stadium. We packed and managed the process a bit different than your description 😉 28 one nighter shows in 32 days – yikes! Ah the stories….


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