My TV Now!

I recently invested in a new piece of electronica for my personal entertainment. And for Mrs P’s entertainment too, of course. A shiny new 39″ Panasonic TV. It’s this one here. Although I picked it up for a little bit less than Amazon flog it for. It was a freaking bargain. Why did I choose Panasonic? Samsung have much better smart tv services. LG make darned good value televisions. I chose based purely on quality. The Panasonic has the best picture quality in this price bracket. I’ve owned Panasonic televisions before too, which were superb. That counts. So far, I’m delighted with it.


The Panasonic is a Smart TV. It’s services are quite paltry compared with the competition. It has BBC iPlayer, YouTube, decent connectivity and Netflix. I want more. But I don’t need the TV to provide them. Because a couple of months ago I splashed out a whopping £10 on a Sky NOWTV box. It’s basically a Roku box, but Sky branded and limited to the services they permit. You can buy the original Roku box and enjoy more services, but you’ll pay five times the price for the box.

To be completely honest, I’m perfectly happy with what the Sky box provides. I didn’t add Sky Movies straight away. I held out. I know what Sky are like, and they didn’t disappoint. After a few weeks, I got the email I was waiting for. Sky Movies for £4 a month for six months. Bargain. I get all the live movie channels and loads of catch up stuff. Recently, they introduced a new pack, for £4.99 a month, Sky Entertainment. I signed up. For the money I get Sky One, Atlantic, Discovery Channel, Comedy Central, Fox and others. I can watch Friends again! And more Family Guy.


There are other great apps in the store. Flickr. Vimeo. And USTVNow. I can get half a dozen US channels, including ABC, Fox and CBS. NFL football live, more Friends and Family Guy. Best of all, Mrs P and I can once more enjoy CBS Sunday Morning, which was once a ritual on Sunday mornings in Mexico. For about another tenner I could subscribe to the full pack of 28 channels, including the History channel, Syfy, CNN and more. Oh, and I can also get Sky Sports now too. It is pricey, because a 24 hour pass to all six sports channels is a hefty £9.99. But there are often special offers. Carling give away a free pass with packs of their beer. Given that a 12 pack can be had for as little as £7, that’s a good deal.

This is no paid review. I am just that happy with my £10 purchase! My NowTV box wins my approval, and I hereby award it the Mexile Best Value Product 2013 prize. Which I am sure the guys at Sky will be delighted with….


6 thoughts on “My TV Now!

  1. You are CONNECTED my friend. We came back from the U.S. in August with a 32″ Samsung ‘Smart TV’. Seems big enough for the two of us. Nice to plug in memory sticks with movies loaded. We see mostly Samsung and Sony here in our part of Mexico – seldom see Panasonic.

    Congrats in any case – Entertainment is a MUST! 😉


    • We are VERY connected and doing it quite cheaply. The amount that some people pay for the full Sky packages is astronomical. Nearly £100 a month. How do you even watch that much TV? I have less choice, but still more than I can watch anyway, and most importantly I have access to 99% of the TV that I do want to watch.

      Although, alas, they just removed the USTVNOW app from the Store. Which has Mrs P and I most upset. I’m working on a work around….


  2. Most TVs these days are smarter than the people who watch them.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where, fortunately, we are still smarter than our TV. But when replacement time comes, that may no longer be true.


    • I’m trying to think of a witty way of pointing out that most people don’t choose a program to watch, but are themselves programmed. But wit fails me this morning. Perhaps one of your future taglines will do the job I’m failing at.

      I’m sure there’s a website somewhere that has recorded the IQ of the latest smart TV and declared it more intelligent than a chosen sector of the population. There’s always a website for every question. Even if no one has asked the question. German Shepherds, for instance, have a higher IQ than the average Spanish soldier.


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