Forgive Me Pilcrow

For I have sinned. I strayed from the path, and experimented with Zoren. But I couldn’t quite get comfortable with the blocky look. I sampled Origin, a theme with so much promise. But let down by a frankly awful user experience when leaving or replying to comments. I lusted after Kent. The theme, not Clark. But alas, the $79 asking price was too much for me.

I find it utterly nuts that WordPress don’t allow limited time free trials for themes. The Preview feature isn’t enough. I know from experience (ahem) that sometimes a nice looking theme just doesn’t work out once you’ve had a few days to get to know each other. Nearly $80 is a lot of money to spend on something you might not like a few days later. The number of free themes that are released compared to paid themes is disappointing. The number of decent themes being released, free or not, is very disappointing.

So I’ve returned to where I started. The Pilcrow theme. It’s not perfect. I don’t like the widget style. I wish the homepage showed excerpts with a little image instead of full blog posts. I wish the theme was a little wider. But in an imperfect WordPress world, this is the least imperfect theme. I’ve jazzed it up a little with a diamondy background. Which I will probably soon tire of and delete in favour of a plain grey background.

And I’ve planted my political allegiance for all to see. My current political allegiance. In an imperfect Britain, this is the least imperfect party. It is, of course, an awfully long way from perfect. A post will follow on this subject soon, I’m sure. Till, then, welcome back Pilcrow. Are there any dissenters who preferred the other themes? Critique and comments welcome.  No dirty protests though, please…



11 thoughts on “Forgive Me Pilcrow

  1. When I set my initial blog here, Nouvelle Ecriture, they must have thought I was French and gave me this French-looking (kinda) theme automatically and a banner from Versailles. LOL. Turns out that I liked it — changed the banner but used their Versailles one plus same theme on the Opera import blog, Insubstantial Pageant. So I guess I lucked out. Had to adjust all the settings of course, a total pain.

    I’m not too picky this time around for some reason.


    • I liked the CSS customisation that Opera offered. Well, you can get it here too I guess. If you fork out a few dollars.

      Your blog on WordPress is looking good Ed. I have noticed people have really turned on Opera. Not surprising I guess. But a shame. It’s more of a shame that they trashed their browser so badly.


      • Thanks, Gary. I just wish I were more motivated for more posts.

        As far as browsers go I still use Opera on the laptop but use Google Chrome or even the default Google browser on the tablet. I don’t get on the internet much on the tablet anyway. It’s most my stereo console and my book reader.


  2. Of course I’m not nearly as seasoned a blogger as you, but I’m very happy with the Chateau theme, and I think I’ll be with it for a long time. It’s beautiful, light-colored, and simple. There are way too many ugly, busy, too-contrasty themes out there.

    I like Pilcrow, and at the end of the day, your blog is about your writing, and the theme should support that, not distract from it.

    I liked the last theme, and after a while didn’t mind its shortcomings so much. But this one’s good too.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA


    • If I could just get my links to sort by activity timeline like Senor Cotton’s – I guess it is a Blogger thing?

      Mrs. P will probably attest to the fact the mujers of Mexico keep the traditions going – the hombres are always outnumbered by a LOT when we watch the processions, pomp and circumstance.


    • Your blog is also a good looker Kim. It’s one I considered a while back.

      I liked the last theme, but the commenting experience just got to me in the end. It’s ok when you are leaving a comment, providing it’s a short comment. It sucked when replying to a comment or leaving a longer bit of text.

      It had to go!

      PS. Where’s the tag line?? We do notice those things around here…


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