I Dig Digg

When Google Reader was heaved overboard by Google earlier this year, I was rather disappointed. I’m a huge fan of the RSS feed and what it does. Facebook and Google+ refuse to incorporate it in a satisfactory method and remain isolated information silos. Which is why I do less with the former than I otherwise would, and do next to nothing with the latter. So what to replace Google Reader with?

I looked around and settled on Feedly, although I had my reservations about the service. It does function nicely though. And better than the alternatives. Although when Digg introduced it’s own Reader, I took a look. It was nice. It worked a lot more like Google Reader did, but with a better looking interface. But it was buggy and didn’t work properly at all in Chrome on my laptop.

So I discarded it. But kept checking back. It seems it has ironed out its flaws. It now works nicely in Chrome, and I love the Android app. On my phone the initial view is a selection of stories, magazine style, which hides the feeds. You’re only one swipe away from those feeds though. And actually, the stories on that front page are, more often than not, a pretty good read.

Digg Reader also works very well with Pocket – a must have for any web user who likes to save stuff for later.  It also provides feeds for things I Digg, which I can share through its own RSS feed. I’ve added it over on the right, the Digg List. No one ever clicks on these links, but if you ever want to know what I happen to think is good stuff on the web, that’s where you’ll find it.

For former MyOpera users, who were used to having a built in notification system, alerting them to new posts by friends – this is a good alternative. Opera members have flung their new blogs far and wide, but RSS can bring them all back together again. Plus any other site that you think is rather good.



2 thoughts on “I Dig Digg

  1. Dixie says:

    So you’re saying that Digg is a better bet than Feedly? I’ve been using Feedly and have been happy with it so far. What makes Digg that much better (as it sounds similar to Feedly…)?


    • A better bet? Long term, I suspect Feedly will outlast Digg. Maybe. There’s nothing really wrong with Feedly, nothing at all. Although I’m not a fan of the look and feel of the desktop version, the Android app is very nice. Feedly is slick and reliable.

      There’s not an awful lot between them. It really does come down to personal preference. If you’re happy with Feedly and it does what you want it to do, then there’s no compelling reason to jump ship.

      It’s just that I personally prefer the look and feel of Digg. I use Pocket a lot so the fact that Digg works in a more friendly way with that service is a big plus. I also like the Digg Front Page on the Android app.

      They both do the same thing though, more or less.


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