Merry Christmas!

Once upon a long, long time ago I went to a school in north London. It was a small private prep school for boys aged 7 to 13, and owned by a gentleman who looked like he’d come straight from Victorian England. Empire was revered, foreigners eyed with suspicion and Christianity played an important part in the school’s ethos.

Every Christmas we would all go to the nearby Emmanuel Church for a Christmas service. There would be carols and readings and it was always quite an enjoyable evening. Mostly because the church always had the most fantastic Christmas tree and decorations. Nowhere felt more Christmassy. Hark the Herald Angels was my favourite carol.

I have since shed the brainwashing. But Christmas is still a lovely time of year, whether you’re religious or not. I hear there’s a war on Christmas, but I can’t say I’ve ever witnessed it. I’ve never actually met someone having a war on Christmas. It must be a lonely profession. I have only met people who believe they are having a war against a war on Christmas. It must be a lonely war. I wish all the best for both of you! I like Christmas, and that’s that.

So today, on this December 25th, I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and leave you with a video of a church service held here in Blighty every year. It is perhaps the most famous choir in the UK, set up by King Henry VI in Cambridge in the 1400s, and still doing its royal duty today. Merry Christmas!


6 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

    • Institution was very much the right word. The school has changed a lot since my day. I went on to Aldenham School, which was even more of an institution. An ancient one, having been an ongoing concern since the reign of Elizabeth I when it was established.

      Some of the buildings were also from that era. A historians delight. Ironically, I had the misfortune of enduring a year of Mr Woods history classes, the dullest classes ever inflicted upon any student anywhere. Probably. Despite History being my favourite subject, I dropped it.

      I also remember that the Headmaster of the school during 1961-63 was a chap named John Kennedy.


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