The Mexile 2013

A final look back at the year just gone. Every year, WordPress provide a run down of each blogs statistics, which make interesting reading. Here are the key features of the Mexile.


Since moving back to the UK, I post much less frequently. My blog has become a more personal affair, with less direction. Quite frankly, it’s a blog with less enthusiastic input. And the stats show. Once upon a time, when my blog was still on Opera, I’d get as many visits in a month as I do now in the whole year. But still, it’s nice to know I’d get a decent run at the Sydney Opera House. It’d be nice to fill Wembley one day though.


This list spells it out pretty clearly. Of the five posts that were viewed the most in 2013, three of them were written years ago when I was still in Mexico. A fourth has the word Mexican in the title. People who do visit my blog are looking for Mexican stuff. The top post only gained so many views, I suspect, because I was one of the first to post about an issue to an update of the Galaxy S2. The post ‘Hands and Knees’ is the only one of those three golden oldies that was on this list last year. The others are all new entries.


This has always been the case – a largely US, UK and Mexican readership. It would be odd if that were not the case. There were visits from over 140 other countries in 2013. I do wonder though, over the years, have I had a visit from every country on the planet? Maybe. Who knows.


The vast majority of visits come through search engines. But the powers of the Blogroll, especially Steve’s blogroll, must not be underestimated. More importantly, as we all know, life is about quality not quantity. And Steve serves up quality, both in his own posts and his referrals.


Talking of quality, here’s the run down on who contributed most. Comments are nice. Conversations often become interesting. I learn a lot from them and I imagine others do to, from the comments here and on their own blogs. There’s more than learning though, there’s also friendship. Kim is renowned across the blogging world, at least the Mexican corner of the blogging world, as the King of Kommenters. He tops the charts here not just for the second year running, but the third. Maybe also the fourth and fifth, but I haven’t looked that far back. My new years resolution – comment more!


14 thoughts on “The Mexile 2013

  1. Interesting. I know not where to find such info on my Blog? I do have some statistics on my server however. I am # 5 in your comment kings list – will try harder this year. Happy New Year to you and Mrs. P


  2. ‘Tis the season to write about comments — probably because the topic is central to a successful blog. It certainly is central to getting to know readers better. I am looking forward to a great 2014 read (and commenting on) The Mexile.


    • I’m also looking forward to you having a great 2014 Steve, and reading all about it. And commenting a bit more than I have done!

      I have news of my own coming up that will aid in that. A move to a new flat. Which will save me a good couple hours a day commuting which I will use to do more productive stuff!


  3. I have been enjoying your Blog for several years, but have not commented. However I couldn’t resist after the video of the Cambridge choir and your family video. I am a real fan of British churh choirs and that video was a real treat. I am wondering what the background music was in the family video


  4. No comment. LOL

    Seriously, though, I still enjoy your blog, though I do wish you were blogging from DF rather than your current location. But I’ll still keep reading no matter where you blog from.

    And I likely won’t be able to hold my tongue (or fingers, as it were) any more in the future than in the past.


    Kim G
    San Francisco, CA
    Where we prefer to think of it as “detailed” rather than “long-winded.”


    • P.S. I just looked (at all possible e-mail accounts), and I didn’t get a WP year-end report. Does your blog have to be in existence for the full year to qualify?


      • I had a quick look into this. There does appear to be a qualifier, but whether thats number of posts, date of blog inception or number of views I do not know. I suspect probably the first one. My photo blog got an annual report and I’m pretty sure yours has been going as long as that and has more views.

        I’m sure you’ll get one next year. Incidentally, I looked to see if you missed the email by search the annual review url, and your is indeed not there.


        • Considering that I had close to ten thousand views by year end, and that the report is generated by an algorithm, I’m going to consider myself officially “harrumphed.”

          Kim G
          MSP, MN
          Where we wonder why oh why it is so hard for people to just get on a plane and sit down.


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