Seventh Heaven

There’s a few ways Flickr measures the popularity of a photo. Total views is one. Interestingness is another, although the algorithm they use to define ‘interesting’ is a bit weird. The other measure is more deliberate. Favourites, which visitors take the time to click the necessary icon. Not that they click often. But some photos get more clicks than others. I have four photos tied on seven ‘Faves’. This is the most recent addition to that select group. Why someone was looking so far back in my photostream though, is a mystery…



4 thoughts on “Seventh Heaven

  1. Kim G says:

    It IS a nice shot. I don’t recall ever having seen the DF metro empty, so even getting the shot is quite a feat.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we need to do more with our photography.


    • Kim G says:

      P.S. Call me a nut-case, but I can never pass through Xola station without thinking about that Kinks song, Lola, and thinking it would be funny to come up with a satire using the name of the station instead of “Lola” for the refrain.


      • I’d never call you a nut case Kim! And I won’t lie, but I often used to twist Metro names into songs to sing to Mrs P! Chabacano was a favourite although for the life of me I don;t remember what the song I had for that was.


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