The Mex Test

Fellow blogger Señor Calypso took the test and posted his result a few weeks ago. I bookmarked it, but then forgot about it. Till this morning. I wasn’t going to post my result, until I saw my result. It was worth boasting about after all. Although I won’t lie – a few of my answers were either educated guesses, or down to my being able to rule out one or two of the options to give myself a 50/50 chance.

You can do the test by clicking here. Has anyone beaten/ will anyone beat my score? I got just one wrong. And kicked myself for it. It’s not that I knew the correct answer. It’s just that my instinct told me I should have clicked on….well, I won’t post a spoiler here. My wrong ‘un is in the comments.



15 thoughts on “The Mex Test

  1. norm says:

    I can’t “comment” to John’s blog anymore because of his platform’s bugs but I took it at the time of his posting and scored a 83%. It was a well rounded test, it hit areas that don’t trip my trigger, all tests should have some of those kind of questions. Only one-Oh my!.


  2. Like you, I got one wrong. But I cannot recall which one it was. I would probably get it wrong again.

    On your related point, one of the few things I learned in school was how to take a multiple choice test. I can have almost zero knowledge of a topic, and still do well on the test. That is what comes from an educational system that teaches how to take a test instead of how to apply knowledge learned.


    • If I took it again, I’d probably get a few wrong. The Perfect Dictatorship, for example. I ruled out the two more famous (to me) authors on the grounds that if they’d said it, I’d know that.


  3. When I was in the Army (oh so many wars ago) I had to take a test to which I merely just checked through the multiple choice questions without even reading the questions (a long story that). My score came out so high I was offered some major accommodations – true story!

    Not to take anything away from Gary’s excellent score (beat me).

    Norm – sorry to read of your problem with my Blog. I think Disqus has occasional hiccups – please give it another go win’t you?


    • norm says:

      John:I can read the comment section of your blog but can not comment, I can’t even see Steve’s comments, let alone write on his blog. I’ve been posting to his e-mail and he has posted for me but an awkward method to say the least. Still reading my friend . I liked today’s post about the iron work-I have a small forge. .


  4. I saw this and instantly had to have a go – i got to the end though and it didn’t give me a score, it just went back to the beginning. I quickly fired off the same answers to try and see my score but it ended the same way again. Total fail. I’m sure you’ll have a higher score than me though!


  5. I did this test a while back, and I think I got 88%. If I were Chinese, I’d consider that very lucky. Instead (since I’m not), I’ll just consider it a decent score.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we might create such a test for our own blog.


      • I have an ex named Jeff, who is Asian. And for some reason, people always thought it was somehow more appropriate that his name be Kim and mine Jeff, so they were continually calling us by the wrong name. I found that a rather fascinating study of ingrained expectations overriding reality.


  6. I stopped taking the test less than on third of the way because I was way flunking it! And to think that I live in Mexico, was born just across from the state of Chihuahua on the Rio Bravo, and my grandparents, both paternal and maternal came from Mexico! Go figure!


    • Well, if you’re too close to the topic at hand, the test probably isn;t aimed at you. After all, the nationality with the lowest pass rate for the British Knowldge of Life test is….the Brits.


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