London Then And Now

Photographers have been documenting the world we live in for nearly 200 years, since Nicéphore Niépce successfully managed to put an image on paper. Albeit temporarily. There’s been enough photography since those early days to create some ‘then and now’ comparisons, which is exactly what the Museum of London have recently done with a collection of old image of London. How many locations can you identify?

But it’s not just photographic comparisons that can be made. Video has also been going a while. Long enough for this side by side comparison of the UK’s capital city. It’s always interesting to see not just how places have changed, but also how large parts of them have stayed very much the same.

London in 1927 & 2013 from Simon Smith on Vimeo.


3 thoughts on “London Then And Now

  1. Kim G says:

    I love London! It’s an AMAZING city, so full of history, yet up-to-the-minute modern. There’s nothing like it.

    Thanks for the photos and video.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Which we often think of as a sort of mini-London.


    • I have yet to visit Boston. I guess it’s never been top of my to-do list, but at one stage it was definitely on my to-do list. I was intending to add it to an NYC trip.

      These days there’s only one place on my to-do list. I’ll not be awarding any prizes for guessing where in the world that might be.


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