Boom and Bust of the Blog

Many, many moons ago, on this very blog – albeit on different hosts – I earned a small fortune churning out posts with paid links in them. I’ve told this story before. Paid links can bring in a pretty penny, although not the fortune it used to make me. Last year I must have earned a couple thousand shiny British pounds from posting ads and including specific links in my posts. I even started another blog, Gary Denness Photography, with the intention of monetising it.

Alas, there’s a major slump in the Page Rank Spam industry. There have been slumps before. But this seems altogether more terminal. All of my revenue sources have dried up. Totally. Which is a pity – the money came in very useful. What has happened to paid posts? It’s hard to say. But at a guess, Google has had some input. A lot of input. I’ve had ‘representatives’ of companies who have run paid posts on my blog in the past emailing me en masse, pleading with me to take the ‘Google unfriendly’ links down. Matt Cutts should also be listened to. And other platforms have clearly come a cropper.

Whatever. It was nice while it lasted. Perhaps the platforms who used to organise paid posts will find a loop hole and reinvent themselves and bring blogging revenue back into my life. But I have not enough faith in that happening soon enough, or in a meaningful enough way, to justify running two blogs. Pft. I barely have enough time to post to one blog. So, my obituary of the paid post industry is accompanied with an obit for my photography blog. It is still there for the time being, till I figure out what, if anything, I want to do with the domain.

I’ve already imported all the posts from that blog into this one. I’ll fix the Camera Lust section into the menu soon. And I’m sure I’ll continue photography themed posts here. Just as I used to. I did like the ability to play around with the photography blog, which was a site, not But I feel more secure on Less likely to be hacked. Does blog hacking happen? Oh yes, for all sorts of reasons. My blog isn’t too tempting a prize for hackers. But whilst in the Import page, I backed up the blog as well. It seems a sensible thing to do from time to time. You should too, if you have a blog.



7 thoughts on “Boom and Bust of the Blog

  1. I must admit that I do “borrow” from other blogger. Matter of fact I am pretty sure that I have used some of your material. May have even asked for permission but I could not swear to that! I have enjoyed your picture blogs and hope that you continue with that here too. Happy bloggin, even though, what is that the crooner used to to sing? Oh yes, the times they are a changing.


    • Steve, you post more content to your one blog than Felipe, I and Kim manage to do across multiple platforms put together! Fortunately, you manage to match quantity with quality without either suffering.You even get time for commenting. I have a load of your posts saved to Pocket for commenting on, when I can get 20 minutes! Loving your trip to DF.

      Felipe is retired. I am not. And clearly, I am not managing to do two blogs!


      • Now that I’m actually writing a blog, (as opposed to mere comments) I can appreciate the effort. And as a fellow-photographer, I can also appreciate all the work that goes into making the snaps into something worth viewing on the web. So I can totally understand the desire to roll your two blogs into one.

        Have you seen anything from my trip? I’m having a fantastic time.


        Kim G
        DF, Mexico
        Where we are plotting our final run to the Yucatán


        • Kim, I’ve read every word and travelled every mile! Although I have travelled in greater comfort I suspect. That’s the sole benefit of travelling along wishfully rather than in person.


        • Well, I’m glad you’re enjoying the ride. It’s been amazing for me, though not always comfortable. Especially all those hours in the driver’s seat.


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