A Dangerous Blog

Is anyone else getting this when trying to visit my site? I hope not. I’m getting it sporadically, and in more than one browser. It’s annoying. I get the message – the blog is hosted at a WordPress domain, but I do of course link it to my own domain name. But I pay WordPress cash every year to map the domain. So I don’t expect problems. Although I know browsers, their add ons and other bits and bytes can do weird stuff. Maybe it’s just me. Still, I like the idea that it’s Obi Wan Kenobi warning users away from my blog. If you’ve made it here, welcome to the Dark Side…



15 thoughts on “A Dangerous Blog

  1. I haven’t seen that message ever on your blog. And it makes me wonder what idiot coder forgot to put “wordpress.com” on the whitelist.

    Kim G
    DF, Mexico
    Where we sang your praises while with Steve Cotton.


    • I doubt this is a WordPress problem. It’s a browser issue. Either the browser itself or an add on. Either way, it’s tiresome. Some days I get it, some days I don’t. It’s the intermittent nature of the problem that is frustrating me.

      WordPress does have a similar, or at least related, frustration though. When I write a post, I will sometimes link to an old post on the blog. This creates a pingback Akismet will always, and I do mean always, hold in moderation to be approved.


      • Of course it’s not a WordPress problem. But the “idiot coder” is the one who wrote the browser, not the one who wrote WordPress.

        I also have the pingback “problem,” but I like it since I don’t want my links to my past posts showing up as comments. So I delete them before they see the light of day.


    • PS. That explains the burning ears I suffered the other day! I hugely look forward to meeting Steve. We so almost crossed paths in DF just before I left. So near, yet so far.


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