Filling The Bad, Broken Void

There is a void in my life. A black hole. Emptiness. A vacuum left by the end of Breaking Bad. I survive on occasional tributes, but they are like quantum particles that flash in and out of existence in the bat of an eyelid. Maybe faster. Mrs P and I were latecomers to the Breaking Bad party. For months, we binged on episode after episode of the greatest show ever made, as addicted to the troublesome life of Walter White as his victims were to his nefarious products. We binged till the Breaking Bad bottle was empty. And then there was a big black void. Television would never be the same again.

I’ve searched for a replacement. For a televisual dose of methadone, in the knowledge that the highs (and lows,) of Breaking Bad were a morphine like one off. It’s been a fruitless search. Until now. I’ve been bombarded with adverts encouraging me to give Netflix a try, for free. For a month. I did try it once, many years ago. Meh. But I decided to give it another look. To see if they had anything to soothe the withdrawal symptoms of Breaking Bad. And I stumbled across a show. It’s a Netflix show. Did you know they have their own shows? They have several, apparantly.

My new show has the occasional meth head. It’s got plenty of dark humour. It has gritty moments. But it’s largely ‘entertainment’. It’s no new Breaking Bad. Nothing ever will be. But it’s good. I got into Orange Is The New Black quite late. So we’ve been bingeing again. We’ve seen off Series 1 in no time, living the nightmare of incarceration through the eyes of the leading lady, Piper Chapman. It’s based on a true story, by all accounts. Or at least based on the memoirs of a real Piper. How much is true? Who’s to say, but I suspect that you wouldn’t have to make much up to turn prison life into an entertaining story. It almost has a touch of nostalgia to it. As if the story teller is producing a cut down version of the ‘best bits’ with a sense of fondness for times past.

It turns out that there’s actually quite a lot of really good stuff on Netflix. I have a feeling that I may well be paying the £5.99 per month for a while. Not least because Series 2 of Orange Is The New Black comes out in June. Guess what? They dump the whole series on their servers at once. No waiting around a week for your next fix. Another great binge is forthcoming. Got Netflix? Watch Orange. Not got Netflix? Well perhaps you should. Not least, because it also contains every episode of Breaking Bad. Surely you’ve watched them all? No?? You lucky thing. What a feast of entertainment you have ahead of you. But don’t say I didn’t warn you about the vacuum that is life after Break Bad.


6 thoughts on “Filling The Bad, Broken Void

  1. Netflix is something of a lifesaver here in Mex. You a 24 fan? The new series started… That used to be top of the pile for me until Breaking bad came along.


    • There’s a bunch of shows I’ve never gotten round to. 24 is one of them.

      There’s a character in Orange is the New Black who had me wondering for half the series where I had seen her before. Then it hit me….Captain Janeway from Star Trek Voyager.


    • There are two shows other than Breaking Bad that I want to get into. Just because they come so highly recommended. The Wire is one, and the Sopranos is the other. The main issue is getting my other half to give them a try.

      I’m not convinced it can possibly be better than Breaking Bad though! In fact, I refuse to believe it. Not least because it would mean I’d have to rewrite this post!

      Although, of all my friends who’ve watched BB, Sopranos and The Wire, only one of them placed BB second or third. He was a serious Sopranos fan.


      • The Wire is a more intelligent watch. The scale of the story (one case per season) and the vast cast make it harder to get into, but the reward is worth it. Check out Charlie Brooker taking about it on YouTube.
        The Sopranos is good, but not on the same level as BB and The Wire. And the finale is… well you will see.


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