The Real Space Oddity

How on earth did I miss this video? Or, perhaps, how in space did I miss it? I’m not the most musically sensitive person in the world. I do like music, but I’m pretty picky about what I listen to. I’d generally rather have talk radio playing in the background. I’m not particularly into any genre of music. A good melody or catchy tune works regardless as to whether it’s opera, rock, pop or jazz.

But I do have my favourites. No solo artist ranks higher than David Bowie. Are there any who have produced such awesome tracks across so many decades? Like the very best vocalists, his voice carries a sound and quality unique to him. My favourite Bowie track? It’s hard to pick one. The Man Who Saved The World, maybe. Or, Life On Mars. Let’s Dance. Or….

I know. It’s not Bowie. And the very idea of anyone covering such an iconic track is almost sinful. But my, doesn’t he pull it off? I’m not convinced he should ditch the day job. But he’s well beyond karaoke level. But the video. What a video. If ever there was a justification for a cover of a Bowie track, Chris Hadfield has found it. Sing and strum it from the International Space Station.

If that video didn’t tickle your fancy, you could always try this one. It’s a humorous remix of Hadfield’s video. I liked it. In fact, you really must watch it. It’ll put a smile on your face. Or perhaps you can try the original. Bowie is my favourite solo artist. Pink Floyd, of course, are my favourite band. I stumbled across this, whilst looking around You Tube. Bowie does a reasonable Waters. But Roger does a better Waters, and if you’re going to watch a live rendition of Comfortably Numb, then this one is the one – Gilmour and Waters temporary reunion at the O2 in London in 2011.

If none of these videos does it for you, then you’re a hard audience. I don’t know what else to suggest. Perhaps you’ve always wondered what sort of magic you can do with a piece of copper pipe and a magnet? Or can I entertain you with Volvo’s latest car advert? Probably not by Volvo though…




2 thoughts on “The Real Space Oddity

  1. NORM says:

    My favorite Floyd moment was a mid-70s show in Cleveland’s old waterfront sports complex , the band was doing a sound check, a fighter aircraft came blasting over with full afterburners roaring and the first cord of Money was all we could hear as it passed from sight


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