Fuji v Sony

I’ve been admiring cameras again lately. I’m not in the market for one yet and will have to keep my trusty Olympus PEN EPL1 going until early next year. But then I have an exotic trip planned. Perhaps. And I’ll want a new camera. What to choose? I never did buy any lenses for the PEN, so I’m certainly not committed to any format. But there is on brand I’ve been eyeing up lately. Fuji were latecomers to the Compact System scene. But now that they’re here, they do have a lovely range of cameras and lenses to choose from.

I am a Fuji fan. I love the quality of their images. They have three main models I’d likely pick from. The bargain baby of the range the X-M1. Or the X-E1, which is an older model that can be had for a more reasonable price compared to it’s successor the X-E2. Or the range topping an utterly delicious X-T1. I’ve looked through shots on Flickr which show what the cameras are capable of. Look at these galleries for a selection of samples – X-T1 and X-E1. Fabulous noise free imagery of the highest order.


So this is a camera lust post about Fuji, right? Well, I do love all three cameras. But there’s a problem. The X-M1 has no viewfinder, and actually I’d really like a viewfinder. I could buy a Sony Nex 6 for less and get a viewfinder. The X-E1? It has a viewfinder. But it’s an older model now and quite frankly the new Sony A6000 is the same price. As for the X-T1….the price!! Over £1300 for the camera and a kit lens! It’s in my dreams but out of my price range. As are all of the lenses in the Fuji X range.

I looked elsewhere. I have given consideration to buying a proper DSLR. Maybe a Nikon 5300 or a Canon T5i, and simply using my cell phone for out and about shots. But I know what I’m like, and you’d see loads of cell phone photos and very few camera shots. All too often I’ll pick the DSLR up, think twice and then leave it behind.

Which brings me full circle. I’m not just a convert to the Compact System format, but very much a preacher. But there is still only one manufacturer who has built a high end model that fulfils the promise of the mirror-less system. That will be Sony. They fit a proper DSLR sized sensor into a camera that can, with the right lens, fit into a jeans pocket. Just about. Although the Fuji X-E1 and 2 run it close.


Sony lenses can also be had for less, which is another big pro. Here’s a gallery of A6000 (or ILCE 6000) shots. It’s a newer camera, so there’s less to choose from. The images show great noise control, dynamic range and colour. I was already a fan of the previous model, the NEX 6. I’m an even bigger fan of the new kid on the Sony street though. Roll on 2015.




6 thoughts on “Fuji v Sony

  1. I understand your predicament. I too have the lust but not the budget…
    As I see you are leaning toward the Sony, remember that all the Minolta Maxxim AF lenses can be used on the DSLRs (some fine lenses there). I am not sure about the Nex sries but I believe they also accept these lenses.
    That funky wide-angle or super telephoto may well be within budget!


    • I have a sneaku feeling that the Nex mounts are different. But I’ll look into it, because if they are the same that’s another good selling point for the Sony line.

      But the Sony Nex lenses are already so much more affordable than the Fuji or MFT alternative system.


    • If this unit is a bit bigger or pricier than you wanted, then I have a couple of suggestions as far as compact cameras go.

      If you’re feeling rich, then the latest Sony RX100 is a beauty. Or you could save a bit and pick up the older RX100 model. Alternatively, there is the Panasonic Lumix LX7. It’s a couple of years old now, but still a great camera and you’ll get a great price on it now.

      What all of those cameras have in common are a pocketable form factor, fast lenses (f1.4 to f1.8) and much larger sensors than you normally get in a compact.


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