Downloadair – Flickr to HDD

I don’t know how many times I’ll put myself in this position. I have all my photos on Flickr. But I need to have them on a local drive too. I have a partitioned hard drive, and a special folder. And every now and again, my hard drive dies, or I accidentally  delete the folder somehow. An then I have to download all my photos from Flickr again. Which is a whole load more hard work than it should be. You’ll need a third party app, because Flickr doesn’t provide a facility to download your entire photostream.

There are plenty of apps. Most of which haven’t been updated for years. Some of which contain malware. Others fail to download exif data, or turn sets into folders or are otherwise intensely laborious to use. Bulkr is great but costs $30. FlickrEdit, the tool I’ve previously used, is now too buggy. Should you find yourself in a similar situation, I can vouch for Downloadair. Running on Adobe Air, it’s got a pleasant UI, is easy to use and works well.

There are only two downsides. You have to click on each album to download it. I have more than 400, so it took a while. And it adds a string of unwanted numbers to the file name. Very irritating. But it’s free, and does everything else perfectly. It even picks up where it left on mid download if the PC crashes. So I can live with the flaws.



2 thoughts on “Downloadair – Flickr to HDD

  1. Hi,
    I’m the author of Downloadair. Thanks for this well balanced review.
    About the first downside : good news, I’m working on it. The next big feature in downloadair will be to allow you to backup your entire account in one click. Including albums.
    The second point is disturbing a lot of user, I’ll try to ensure that photos are correctly saved when having the same title in more subtle way than putting the photo id in the file name.
    In the meantime, if you have any suggestion or question, you can contribute here :


    • Hi there and thanks for your comment. It’s good to know that the second point is getting looked at. I can spend time clicking each set to download it. But I definitely don’t have time to correct the file name on nearly 13,000 photos!!


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