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Montacute House

Mrs P and I are still on our mission to make the most of our annual National Trust membership. It was certainly a smart move paying out the initial £70 for joint membership. We’ve saved a small fortune, visited a dozen fabulous sites and enjoyed every minute of it.

Our latest trip was to Montacute House, near Yeovil in Somerset. It’s a grand old place. One of the finest we’ve visited. It is, of course, steeped in history. It was built in the dying days of the 1500s by a lawyer of some renown. Sir Edward Phelips. He opened the prosecution against the infamous Gunpowder Plotters. We as a nation shall celebrate their demise in little over a month with fireworks and iffy hot dogs. He also participated in the trial of Queen Elizabeth I’s favourite, Sir Walter Raleigh.

There are plenty of photographs on Flickr. Click here, and ye shall see them. I have also added Montacute to my growing National Trust map – click here.



4 thoughts on “Montacute House

  1. You know, 70 quid (nearly 1,400 pesos) would get you into probably more places in Mexico than in the United (at least for now) Kingdom.

    So when do you head back west and south? Isn’t Mrs. P tired of cold drizzle by now?


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we’re already tired of days that don’t hit 22° C at the high.


    • Mexican sites are cheaper. Although I’m going to stick my neck out and say that they don’t have quite the range and quality of stately home and gardens that we have in the UK. Nor do they have the heating bills that accompany them!

      When? Your guess is as good as mine. I am thoroughly sick of the cold and drizzle!


      • Stately homes and gardens? No, Mexico is well behind the UK in that. But England doesn’t have the wealth of ancient sites built by mysterious cultures. Sure, there’s Stonehenge and lots of prehistoric piles of rocks. And yes, the odd Roman ruin. But no pyramids, no abandoned ancient cities, and no volcanoes. You just can’t put a value on easily-accessible volcanoes.


        • It is true, there are no ancient pyramids built by mysterious cultures in the UK. If you do find a pyramid, it’ll be a fraudulent get rich quick scheme that makes almost everyone in it quite poor.

          As for volcanoes. Did you know that one of the UK’s greatest natural disasters was due to a volcano? It wasn’t our volcano, sure. But still…


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