iPhone 6 Review

It has arrived. And it is beautiful. I’ve had it in my possession for a whole three days, which is more than long enough to come up with a few observations. Firstly, I guess, is…why an iPhone? I’ve been an Android owner since selling my iPod Touch in Mexico, and buying a Samsung Galaxy S2 upon my return to England.

That was largely down to two issues. The iPhone screen was titchy in comparison to its Android rivals. And it was way overpriced. The iPhone 6 is neither of these. The 4.7″ screen is just right and it’s a similar price to some of the top end Android devices.

I do like, prefer even, Apple’s iOS to Android. The Apple app store is, albeit marginally these days, better. The phone itself is the finest looking device on the market. I love the fingerprint touch ID to unlock the phone and make purchases.  The screen is fantastic. But then, the screens on most top end phones are fantastic.

There are some minor annoyances too. I can download Chrome and use it as my browser. But I cannot set it as my default browser. So, whenever a link in a message or email is pressed, up pops Safari. There’s also a feature which lowers the screen content when you double tap the home button. This makes it easier to press on content or buttons in the top corners of the screen. It works nicely. But not as nicely as a capacitive back button would. Lastly, I have yet to find a backgammon app that is anywhere near as good the one I had on my HTC.

How about Apple’s online services compared to Google’s? iCloud is nifty enough once it’s set up. There is, though, no reason to compare it to Google. I have downloaded almost everything I want from Google-landia in the app store. Google Maps, Drive, Now, Plus. The only thing I wanted but could not find was Google Tracks. But there are alternatives.


Then there is the beauty factor. One of the things I disliked about Android and Google was how ugly they make some things. Google makes some of the best services going. But so many of them are plain ugly. Offensive to the eye even. That’s not so with Apple, where aesthetics matter. Everything about the iPhone six is beautifully designed and easy on the eye.

Is the iPhone an improvement over the HTC One? Yes, of course. It’s the latest model versus a nearly 2 year old model. It should be better. But it’s not as significant an improvement as the HTC One was compared to the Samsung Galaxy S2. Except in one way. What way? That’s for tomorrow….


2 thoughts on “iPhone 6 Review

  1. Andean says:

    Is this your first iPhone? Mine works great, even though it’s not the latest. New one is bigger, don’t know yet if I will upgrade – I do like the bigger screen but will it fit in all my pocketbook?


    • It’s my first iPhone proper. Although, as I mentioned, I’ve had an iPod Touch before. And Mrs P has an iPhone 5s. So I’m familiar with the device.

      The bigger screen is essential for me. Although I chose the 4.7″ model rather than the 5.5″ one because the smaller one will fit in a pocket pretty easily.


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