Petworth House and the iPhone 6

In the middle of the West Sussex countryside lies a grand old stately home, Petworth House, owned and managed by the National Trust. A late 17th century building, with links to Henry VIII would you believe? And it’s all set in 700 glorious acres of rolling green hills and woods that are home to herds of fallow deer.

Would you like me to tell you all about Petworth? Probably not, and there’s nothing I can add to the National Trusts’s own website and Wikipedia. I will go so far as to say it has one of the grandest interiors of all the Trust properties we’ve visited this year. The carved room is a wood panelled affair that goes well beyond what you normally find in a stately home.The same applies to the art collection, which the Trust rates as the most important that it owns. There are Greek statues and paintings by Turner, Van Dyck and Constable. The grounds are equally wondrous, with the obligatory lake and rotunda.

But, as I mentioned above, I have little to add to the real authorities on this house. Instead, let me show you round the place with my photographs. I took plenty. Here’s a small selection in a gallery, but for the full set, click here and have a look through them on Flickr.

Perhaps you were expecting an additional review of my iPhone 6 today. The title of this post rather suggests that something about the iPhone is coming.  If you were reading yesterday, there was one feature of the iPhone 6 that was a significant improvement on my old HTC One. And there it is above. The camera. Sure, I appreciate that a closer inspection of the photos in Flickr show that the quality is not quite up there with my Fuji. But they really aren’t bad. I have made minimal adjustments to them in Lightroom.

The panorama features works well. As does HDR. Noise isn’t too obtrusive, even in low lighting. Macro performance is pretty good. I even created a half decent Sphere with Google’s app – click here. Overall, I’m pretty delighted with the results. No longer will I despair if I go off for the day with my Fuji, only to discover that I’ve left my memory card in the computer. Although, that actually never happens, because I pack two spare memory cards in my camera bag…

I do, however, have one significant complaint about the iPhone camera. It’s a real bugbear. You still cannot shoot in 16:9 format. Which is, quite frankly, rather backward. Still, you can’t have everything.


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