Out With The Old


6 thoughts on “Out With The Old

  1. Ok Gary, I have not been home in a while, and the building is new to me. This particular monstrosity didn’t ” get hit with an ugly stick – it got hit with the whole damn tree!!” Surprised if Charlie didn’t kick up a bit of a fuss over the design! Wow! Is this the one that melts cars?


    1. It is the one that melts cars. And the building is even uglier now that they have hung fabric over the windows to deflect the rays of its Jaguar-melting magic powers. Apparently, the architect missed school when Archimedes and the Roman fleet was the lesson.

      The building is nicknamed the “walkie talkie.” That is a kind word for what it looks like.

      Sorry, Gary, but you know how I like answering questions — even on others’ blogs.


      1. Answer away Steve! You’re normally (always?!) right, and you’ll probably get around to it quicker than I. I really struggle to write even the occasional post these days, let alone reply to comments in a timely manner.


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