Out With The Old



6 thoughts on “Out With The Old

  1. Dan Green says:

    Ok Gary, I have not been home in a while, and the building is new to me. This particular monstrosity didn’t ” get hit with an ugly stick – it got hit with the whole damn tree!!” Surprised if Charlie didn’t kick up a bit of a fuss over the design! Wow! Is this the one that melts cars?


    • It is the one that melts cars. And the building is even uglier now that they have hung fabric over the windows to deflect the rays of its Jaguar-melting magic powers. Apparently, the architect missed school when Archimedes and the Roman fleet was the lesson.

      The building is nicknamed the “walkie talkie.” That is a kind word for what it looks like.

      Sorry, Gary, but you know how I like answering questions — even on others’ blogs.


      • Answer away Steve! You’re normally (always?!) right, and you’ll probably get around to it quicker than I. I really struggle to write even the occasional post these days, let alone reply to comments in a timely manner.


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