Timelapse Photography

Who doesn’t like a well done timelapse video? They add a surreal touch to the everyday world. I have three to share with you that I think are absolutely fantastic. The first is a visual representation of the invisible architecture above our heads that ensures aircraft don’t (often) fall down on our heads. The second is more of a tutorial, but it starts off with a cinematic timelapse of the milky way. I’d like to do some astrophotography. Maybe soon. And finally, with Mr K particularly in mind, is a very creative layered timelapse of Boston. All three videos are really well worth a few minutes of your busy day.

And all three videos are well beyond my budget and skill level. Still, I have my iPhone 6. I have the new-ish Hyperlapse app, And I recently had a front seat on the top of a double decker bus in London. I quite like the results. I’d like to do something a little more complicated. Maybe I will. Until then, here is the (rather short) effort I produced. Will anyone name that street without peeking a look at the video’s title? Alas, the video will start in low quality. You’ll need to click on the settings cog and select HD. Does anyone know a trick to embed YouTube with an HD default?


10 thoughts on “Timelapse Photography

    • Did you watch the video to the end? If so, then you should know it’s definitely not me singing. You’d never have made it to the end if it were I. You’d have thrown your computer against the wall to silence my vocal chords…


  1. Cool video! I’ve long wanted to have a video camera with an intervalometer. Surprisingly, despite the near-zero cost of putting in that feature, it’s rather rare and mostly found in rather high-end cameras.

    What was the frame rate you used? One shot per quarter second? You did a magnificent job of not jiggling the camera.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we need to find something to put on our own blog.


    • The street is, of course, the Strand. It’s not the most picturesque street in London it must be said. But it has some fine landmarks along the way. Did you notice the large crowds on the pavement. A huge line of people carrying Catalan flags. Something to do with their independence ‘vote’ I imagine.


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