National Trust

Basildon Park

I must start watching Downton Abbey. Everyone says it’s a fine show. But…I don’t know. It just seems all a bit meh. Especially when I can be in Downton Abbey. If only for a few hours. We recently visited Basildon Park, a National Trust property, and scene of one of the recent episodes of the television series. They are mighty proud of that fact, judging by the number of banners and leaflets telling us so. They’ve even made a video.

It’s a grand old Georgian house with some very green and pleasant lands. Mrs P and I both love visiting National Trust homes and gardens. It’s a form of escapism. But you don’t simply leave behind the noise of town, the stress of work and the familiarity of home. You leave behind the whole of the 21st and 20th centuries. Sometimes more.

It was our last National Trust visit of the season. The houses all closed down at the beginning of November for a well deserved winter break. We’ve had our moneys worth this year though. We’ve been right across southern England, through Somerset, Dorset, Hampshire, Berkshire, West Sussex, Wiltshire and Kent. We’ll probably renew our memberships next year. Or soon after. If you’d like just a little photographic tour of Basildon Park, click here and be whisked away to Flickr.



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