Blast From The Past

I don’t sell many photos these days. In fact, I don’t sell any photos these days. It’s been a year at least since the last one. Maybe two. I used to sell a handful each year, almost entirely through Flickr. It was never my biggest source of online income, but the half dozen or so shots that I flogged in a good year added some useful pennies to my bank account.

But I may have sold the one below. I say may, because I haven’t received the cash yet. Never count one’s chickens till they hatch. But I live in hope. Does anyone care to play a guessing game? A point for the person who can name the artist. Two points if you can name the location you’d find this mural. No clicking on the image through to Flickr though. That’s cheating.

Super Medicine


21 thoughts on “Blast From The Past

  1. Then I would have to guess either a government building belonging to the “seguro social”, or a hospital.
    By the way, I really like your quiz. At the risk of being labeled a copycat, I’m going to dig out an old photo of mine, post it on my blog, and see if anyone can identify it.


  2. Gary (and other readers)… Today I posted a photo of a mural painting somewhere in Mexico. See if you can guess where it is. (By the way, for some reason your Blogroll isn’t listing recent posts.)


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