Happy New Year

As both the big and little hands hit twelve at the end of the year, the tradition in Mexico is to gulp down a dozen grapes. One at a time, keeping in rhythm with the tolling of the bells. This is the sort of thing that’s always won by the fatties. I know, it’s not technically a competition. But they do sure have a smug look on their faces when they’ve greedily disposed of grape number twelve. Without even bothering to chew, I’ll wager.

How did I get on with the obligatory grape munching during my time in Mexico? I didn’t have a choice, you know. They were forcibly placed in my hands, expectation heaved on my shoulders and a dozen pairs of eyes checking my progress. You may have seen photos of me from time to time. I’m not a fatty. Thus, I wasn’t even remotely competitive. Heck, I don’t even particularly like grapes. Bingeing on them isn’t my thing. I don’t believe I ever even ate a half dozen of them at best.

I’ve often wondered, how many people choke to death on grapes on the 31st December in Mexico each year? I know you’re not meant to give young kids grapes, such is the choking potential of this innocuous looking fruit. Kids can be silly, inattentive and rush things. I imagine a heavily inebriated adult deliberately stuffing himself isn’t in much less danger. Someone has to have the statistic for this somewhere. A little collection of over zealous fatties who make it into January by a bout a minute, but fail to reach the ‘smug grin’ stage.

Aside from these less than merry thoughts, I do hope you all had a fabulous 2014 and an even better 2015. Onwards and upwards. Just be careful with the grapes tonight.



4 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. I knew that eating a dozen grapes was a tradition in Spain, but didn’t know that it was also observed in Mexico. Well, I won’t be choking on grapes tonight… my tradition is to open the front door at midnight and ring my great-grandmother’s dinner bell. I wonder if the neighbors know where that darn clanging every New Year’s Eve comes from.

    All the best to you and your wife in 2015!


    • I’m not sure that bell clanging would raise too many eyebrows in DF. It’d just be more noise added to the cacophony of fireworks, mariachi bands, screaming and shouting and other assorted bit of aural bedlam!

      All the best to you and yours!


  2. I am going to experience the grape tradition tonight. My cousin’s wife is Colombian. She is insisting that we all in in the fun. As a fatty (and grape fancier), I should do just fine.

    Best wishes to you and Mrs. P.


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