The Mexile 2014

Every year, the magic pixies that power WordPress, crunch up the numbers and produce some facts and figures for their bloggers. Just to let them know how they are doing. Alas, my blog is clearly in decline. But I’ve know this for a long time. It all went a little downhill the moment I left Mexico. But I still enjoy it, so I’ll plod on for another year. Let’s look at the numbers anyway. It’s just a bit of fun rather than the whole story.

Screenshot (3)

My previous posts from 2012 and 2013 show that I can’t quite fill the Sydney Opera House as many time over as I used to be able to. With 37,000 visits in 2013, I would have filled the place for 14 consecutive nights. The year before, I had enough visits to warrant being measured against the Cannes Film Festival. Fifty thousand visits were enough for a dozen festivals, apparently. I post less these days too. Last years tally of 146 was down from 196 the year before. Now we are down to just 122 posts. I’ve become lazy. Or busy elsewhere. Take your pick. I’m clearly not controversial enough either. I obviously need to jump on an extremist bandwagon of some sort and stir a few people up!

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Normally, there’s a couple of posts from the current year that make it into the top five. Not so this year. My most popular content is all old stuff. I do wonder where all those people interested in the Mexican Psoriasis Cure come from though. I have noticed over the last twelve months that it’s one of the most read posts on most days. Weird. I know where most people come from though. Google and Steve Cotton. To be struck off Steve’s blog roll would be akin to being struck off the internet.

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Who is it that visits anyway? For the most part, a big bunch of lost souls who were looking for something else and quickly went elsewhere in search of it. Then there are the lurkers. Those people who like to have a little read now and then but prefer not to be noticed. Sometimes the lurkers say hello at an appropriate moment, sometimes not. I’m not criticising. I am a lurker myself on other blogs.

Then there’s the regulars. The ones who prop themselves up on my virtual bar and put the world to rights. Kim, once again, leads the list. For the third year running….a hattrick. There’s two new names there too. Norm has been around for what seems like forever. William (or should it be Bill, really?) is a relative newbie. Steve has less to say these days, but then there have been fewer posts. He still moves up one place into three.

This is all becoming a bit too ‘Top of the Pops’. Let’s finish this off. Many thanks to all of those who visited, whether you fled soon after or not. Hello to all you lurkers. You are noticed. Maybe only once a year with this review, but still. You count. And of course, the biggest thanks to all you who leave a comment. Whether it’s just one or a few dozen. It’s nice not having to talk to myself.


12 thoughts on “The Mexile 2014

  1. NORM says:

    On the numbers. The number of people who write on the Latin culture in English are not so many, the number who write on English culture are legion. And psoriasis? We are talking desperate folks there…You write, I’ll read.


    • The internet provides countless dubious ‘cures’ for every imaginable affliction. My recommendation of getting a good sweat on will, if not curing the psoriasis, at least help them get fit.

      For as long as you’re reading Norm, I’ll keep writing. We have a deal.


  2. I always enjoy your year-end wrap-ups. If I were not on the road (currently on my way to Puerto Escondido), I would do one of my own. Thanks for the summary. I hope to run into you soon on one of our respective journeys.


  3. I don’t care if your numbers are down, or if you are writing less often. I enjoy your blog, and hope you keep on blogging! I started looking at your posts from Mexico after you had already returned to the UK, but I find your posts on England to be interesting too. (And by the way, you can call me Bill, or call me William… ¡no importa!)
    Happy New Year!


    • I’ve only ever know one William. An I called him grandad. But to everyone else he was Bill.

      I too, sad though it may seem, read through my old Mexico posts from time to time. Fond memories aplenty back in the archive.


  4. Feliz año! I guess I fall under the lurker category, but hey, know I’m around reading your posts. Glad to hear you’re sticking around. I’m feeling less enthused myself on the blogging schtick, and find the quick and easy world of Instagram more appealing these days (


    • No, you’re in the commenter category. Just an infrequent one! But that’s fine, I’m just glad you’re still around and touching base once every so often. I’ll look you up on Instagram.


  5. ricardomontoya says:

    I am not sure exactly where I fall. Somewhere above the lurker category I suspect. I read or at least start to read all of your blogs. And, if something catches my fancy I comment about it. Things from Mexico and old stuff from your world often catch my fancy. I myself don’t care about the numbers but do hope that you continue to blog and continue to expand my world.


    • I’m guessing that you don’t feature in that top five only because you often comment on Facebook imstead. Which is just fine! But it doesn’t get counted by the WordPress Stat monkeys of course.


  6. Hola Gary!!!

    You prompted me to take a look at my own WordPress stats, which kind of surprised me. My blog has been withering of late. I seem to be finding more stuff to do and less stuff to write about. I’m kind of stuck in Guadalajara, with unfinished posts and not a ton of interest in posting them.

    But I continue to enjoy your blog, albeit a bit more sporadically than in the past. I seem to have gone from reading blogs daily to reading them in spurts and leaving a bunch of comments at once. And I’m surprised I’m still your top commenter. We’ll see if that lasts into 2015.

    One kind of “pointer” I will add, though, is that the time it takes you to reply to comments seems to have gotten longer and longer. I wonder if this is a factor in the trend of your stats. I know that the interplay in the comments section is what keeps me interested in a blog, and I just don’t seem to be able to keep up with the ones where the comments are never answered.

    Anyway, here’s wishing you and Mrs. P a wonderful 2015. Mexico misses you.

    Saludos y un fuerte abrazo, Amigo.

    Kim G
    San Francisco, CA
    Where we think about posting, but remain stuck in halloween.


    • If I had to hazard a guess, I’d imagine that you get a decent amount of traffic your way. And far more comments than I do. But you do comment on a lot of blogs yourself, I guess. I hope you regain your interest in publishing those posts soon. Blogging is something of a labour of love. When it becomes just labour, it’s tough. I hope you get some love for it back amigo.

      I have, for once, got this replay back to you within 24 hours. Just!! I do know what you mean, and yes I am struggling to get enough spare time to log on to my laptop to write back to people. I do try though. It was a lot easier in Mexico. I’d have responses published within the hour an awful lot of the time.

      We both wish you a very happy New Year too, and hope that things work your way in 2015. I miss Mexico. That tells its own story if you read between the lines!

      Saludos y abrazos amigo.


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