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The Year of Mexico

This year will be different things to different people. And different organisations, nations and other entities. According to the UN, 2015 is the Year of Light. The Chinese are convinced that this is the year of the sheep. Or goats. One or the other. What sort of offspring do you get from a papa sheep and a mama goat? The Chinese should have picked that, whatever it is. The Russians and the North Koreans have decided that it is the year of friendship between Russia and North Korea. Hey, don’t mock. Everyone needs at least one friend.

So what about the UK? We have the best ‘Year Of’ of them all. Here in Blighty, 2015 is the Year of Mexico. Which makes me happy. In Mexico, they are having the Year of the United Kingdom. Which also makes me happy. There are events galore, and I’m pleased to say that Mrs P and I will be participating. We have our tickets booked for the Lucha Libre at the Royal Albert Hall and for the Ballet Folklorico de Mexico de Amalia Hernandez. Both events are in July, and we’re looking forward to both. Myself, more the former than the latter. If you’re there, give us a shout. I will be Mistico and she will be Blue Demon.

I have, for many years, publicised the many links between the UK and Mexico. Some of them are best left alone. Ok, so we may have syphoned off a bit of oil in the early parts of the last century. Possibly quite a lot of oil. We may also have enforced borders between Belize and Mexico that was more in our favour than Mexico’s. But still. We gave you football and pastes. And that counts for a lot, right? Although the best common bond between these great nations? Well that would be myself and Mrs P, of course. and this blog. Alas, the video below gives none of us a mention. Pft.


21 thoughts on “The Year of Mexico

  1. I think it would be a very gracious gesture if you and Mrs. P were to celebrate the “Year of Mexco” by returning to DF and blogging from there. It’d be very interesting to get a genuine Brit’s view of how the Mexicans are celebrating such an important milestone.

    Who knows? I might even join you.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where the snow is finally melting, and my reasons for not going to Mexico are diminishing.


    • Personally, I think Mexico should hire me as a blogging ambassador. I’m not expensive. All I need is a 2 bed apartment in Colonia Roma or Coyoacan and a measly 30,000 or so pesos a month….


      • I think you should write a grant proposal. I like the idea of you being a freelance cultural attaché. And I’d add that this is the best possible year to try to get such a post.



  2. I agree with Kim. Gary, you mentioned once that you were thinking about taking a trip back to Mexico. That would be the very best way to observe “The Year of Mexico”!
    (Gary and Kim… I will be back in D.F. in April… just in case our travels should coincide.)
    (in Ohio where the snow is also melting)


  3. Some of those statistics kind of reminded me of baseball, “4th largest investment among European countries…” But hey, if it gets more tourists to Mexico I am all for it!


    • And that statistic reminds me of a much repeated quote from late 1989. Iraq, with the 4th largest army in the world. I have ever since written off anyone or anything that is 4th…but this is taking us totally off topic.


  4. Great post, Gary. Good video. And in answer to the question what sort of offspring do you get from a papa sheep and a mama goat? All I can think of is a cabron or cabrona 🙂


  5. Just thought you would be interested in knowing that, here in D.F., I attended an event which is part of Mexico’s “Year of the United Kingdom”. The National Museum of Art here is holding a special exhibit of British landscape paintings from the Tate. It was quite good.


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