Viva Mexico Cabrones!

Going Underground

A very happy Mexican Independence Day to all my amigos and amigas. Is it really five years since the Bicentenario? My, how time flies. I wish I were there to celebrate, but alas it is not to be. Still, I send greetings from the UK, which was, of course, the first European country to recognise Mexican independence from the Spanish. Admittedly, this probably had more to do with us wanting to antagonise the Spanish that any anti-colonial sentiment, but ce la vie.



4 thoughts on “Viva Mexico Cabrones!

  1. Wow! It seems like almost yesterday that you, Mrs. P, F, F’s sister, and I shared the Bicentenario together in the Zócalo. Time does indeed fly. Sometimes I feel that we are all hurtling toward the grave.

    But let’s hope we all get a respite now and then.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we are embroiled in various house projects. How we long to live in a place that requires less garden work and less maintenance!


    • Of all the Independence Day celebrations Mrs P and I went to, the 2010 evernt was, by far, the most special. In fact, September 15th is now as much the anniversary of the that day for me as it is Mexico’s independence day.

      I like your comment about seeking an easier to maintain home. And how all of the properties in DF you ever looked at were in huge need to a lot of maintenance! We are all suckers for our own brands of punishment.

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  2. I was talking today with my friend who lives in Mexico City. He told me that some of the opposition parties and unions called for a boycott of last night’s “grito”. The government, he said, countered by paying people 150 pesos to attend. Although the TV cameras focused on the crowds, the Zócalo was not as jammed last night.


    • I’ve heard that Mr PN has not wowed the general population with his policies. Outright bribery is, though, a favourite tactic of his party. Always has been. What did the electorate expect? Then again, did they expect much different from any of the other parties?


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