The Apple Market


There is a magical place in London, where all your technological dreams come true. Staffed by pixies and leprechauns, who have brought with them the finest gifts from the end of the rainbow to sell to those of us lucky enough to know the whereabouts of this secret marketplace. Freshly cut bouquests of iPads, posies of iPod Nanos and bunches of iPhones adorn the stalls. If you’re feeling flush, perhaps you might be interested in an extra special iMac arrangement, or maybe, as it’s Christmas, you’ll be tempted by a wreath made out of purest gold MacBooks.

Alternatively, I’ve been for a day to London, stopping by at Covent Garden, to enjoy the Christmas lights. Take your pick. Whichever tale sounds best to you, that’s the true story.

On another note, WordPress have changed their quick post editor. Again. I found the first version to be a bit ‘meh’. This latest update is awful. The full editor is still available, but I am a little tired of WordPress’ determination to always take me to the quick editor by default.


16 thoughts on “The Apple Market

  1. Lovely photo. I’m a big fan of the Leadenhall Market too.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where Quincy Market is beautiful this time of year, with its lights and decorations.


      • Gary: you’re too kind, really. When I saw this post, I don’t think it had the text it has now. But even if it did, the “Hand-made Art & Design” sign in the photo kind of gives it away.

        As for London, I’d love to go if the tickets weren’t so bloody expensive. I have another friend there who has also been trying to get me to go. But I can fly to DF and back twice for the cost of going to London once. Maybe I should try to fly on miles. Hmmmm…. I’ll have to think about that.


        Kim G
        Boston, MA


        • Ah, but Apple products are all handmade. By fairies in a magical forest. Or by near suicidal slaves in Chinese sweat shops. Again, pick the version you prefer.

          I’ve been looking at prices to Mexico. What has happened to air fares? Last year I found prices around the £550 mark. Now, £750 is pretty much as good as I can get. I’m going to have to bite the bullet I guess.

          Well, if there will be no photo walks around London any time soon, maybe lady luck will see to it that our DF trips overlap….


        • That would be nice. But wow, I’m surprised at the airfare jump. Here I think they’ve been falling. Certainly fuel has gotton much cheaper. Saludos!


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