Happy New Year

My new year wishes come late, I know. I blame my inner Mexican. But then again, everything tends to be delivered late, if at all, on this blog these days. I’ve tired of blogging. Or at least of the sort of blogging I used to do. Long, rambling posts. It requires thought, time and effort. None of which I have spare to dedicate to this little part of the web. You’ve all noticed, I know. It’s there in the stats. The visitors graph reads like the value of the peso. It’s been tumbling year on year since 2011, the year I returned home from my six year stay in Mexico.

It turns out that whilst people liked reading about adventures in Mexico City, they are less interested in hearing about life in Bournemouth. I understand. Entirely. I can demonstrate this with a couple of images from the annual report that WordPress automatically generates. Firstly, let’s look at how often I post these days, shall we? Bearing in mind that last year there were 122 posts. In 2013 there were 146. In 2012 I crafted 196 literary masterpieces….


Yes, it’s a sorry story, isn’t it? And it has to be said, if I’m not writing anything new, then visitor numbers are going to fall. But let’s move on to the next graph, which rather shows that the dire state of affairs that the Mexile currently finds itself in is not entirely down to a lack of new content. Let’s have a looky see what visitors do read once they’ve gotten here…

download (1)

Well, three of those top five were all written when I still lived and played in Mexico City. The other two? Well, they do appear to be about Mexico. I think my medicinal advice on how to clear up a bit of psoriasis of the scalp must be my most read post ever. By some margin. That’s two or three years running that it has topped the charts. I wonder if anyone ever gave it a go? And if so, did it work for them?

Anyway, despite all this doom and gloom, some of you still take the time to look in and see whats going on now and again. So the final graph. It’s the biggie, too. Who wins the prize for leaving the most comments this year?

download (2)

Why it’s Kim G. For the fourth year running. Well done Kim. William made a good go of it though, pushing up to second place from last year’s fourth spot. He swaps places with Norm, who tumbles to fourth.  Steve is consistent. Third again. Colm is a new entry displacing….me. Apparently, I was the fifth most frequent commenter last year. That, I think was an error.

But this is all a bit by the by. You see, as I mentioned, I’m a bit bored of blogging. Especially now that I have a new job with plenty of overtime available. And money to spend on going out when I have a day off. This all makes blogging feel like work instead of a hobby. I’ve no intention of retiring from blogging, mind you. If this were a job, then I’ve moved from being a part-timer to a zero hours contract. Shorter posts. Published less frequently. Mostly photos. Such is life.



10 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. norm says:

    Fourth place and the numbers don’t lie.

    I ran track in high school. I was always happy enough with fourth place, it scored a few team points. A 200 lb pole vaulter, who was lucky to get over the bar was always happy with a thin field. More than once, I looked around and there was no fifth soul nuts enough to be a vaulter or chances are, I would have been fifth and out of the money. (The tall skinny boys would mock my pole and I but always at a safe distance)

    I think your strongest suit is when you write on policy.


    • There’s nowt wrong with fourth place. Especially when you’re up against such an esteemed field of competitors. I’m convinced Kim is the world’s premier blog commenter. But still, I’m holding out hope for a medal placed finish for you next year Norm.

      Last year you promised if I kept writing, you’d keep reading. You’re clearly a man of your word, and that is good enough for me.

      Policy? It’s a subject I’m interested in. With a US general election and a UK referendum on the European Union in the offing, there’s plenty of material.


  2. I’m not exactly new to blogging as such but more in an online nanny of sorts. In a previous life I was a motorcycle mechanic, later on I worked for an importer and spent many a day and night explaining the ins and outs of repairing and rebuilding these machines.
    That continued when I moved countries and now I am considering writing a blog of my own.
    You have managed your blog successfully for many years but I know from experience you do burn out especially when your time is limited and you have to maintain a home and balance family and work.
    So we will be here if you need a sounding board and we will offer encouragement if needed and I’ll ask for advice to improve my photos ok?


    • Blogging in Mexico was easy. Every day was an exotic adventure, and teaching English left me plenty of time to write about in. I carried on blogging in the UK part out of habit, part because I like hearing from you guys and – until about a year to 18 months ago – for the advertising revenue.

      Do you upload your photos to Flickr?


      • Gary, I haven’t been saving to Flickr just backing up to a portable H/D. For some of my shots I’ve been looking and adjusting them on my iPad which has a lovely screen.
        I have to say that using the X-A1 has brought my photos and photo taking to a whole new level and I will have to really learn how to manipulate them to get the best picture.
        I’ll put a few together and post the link for your delectation!


  3. I agree that Kim must be the world’s number one blog commenter, so I feel lucky to make it to number two. (And here is my first attempt to stay on the list for 2016.)
    Since I am retired I have plenty of time for blogging, but I understand what you mean about it becoming a chore. In between travels I often have a hard time coming up with something interesting in my mundane life in order to keep posting on a regular basis. Of course when I am traveling, it’s much easier. However, when I am someplace I have visited many times, such as Mexico City, it can be difficult to come up with something new.
    Keep on blogging, even if it’s only on an occasional basis.
    Greetings from Mexico City,


    • So far you’re equal second this year. Norm got in a cheeky second comment when no one was looking!

      I will have material in September. I’ve had holiday approved my my employer for two weeks in September….guess where I shall be going?


      • That’s great!! Unfortunately I won’t be there in September. However Kim is down here in D.F. right now, and we have already spent a couple days together.


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