I took a stroll along the River Avon in Ringwood a morning or two ago. Just to check out the sunrise. And to play with a Christmas gift. I’d gotten a Hoya ND10 filter. I already had one, but as they are stackable I thought I’d get another and see what sort of light stopping power they have when combined. It turns out they have plenty of stopping power. The image below is an eight minute exposure, and it was still awfully dark. I could easily get a fifteen minute exposure out of them in fairly light conditions. Double that or more in very low light.


The real treat of my walk evaded my camera, sadly. An otter surfaced in the river no more than two feet away from me to have a splash and a roll. By the time I’d got my filters off, the remote shutter release unplugged and the setting flicked to auto he was 10 feet away from me. By the time I’d raised my camera and focused….he was gone. I don’t blame him though. It was a crisp, icy morning. An otter gotta keep moving to keep warm.



5 thoughts on “Sunrise

    • It’s a popular spot for dog walkers. He’d have had plenty of company in his search for otters. As a plus, there are no scorpions. Although there are adders around in warmer months.


  1. Ah, Gary! What a beautiful post and picture. And I got a very good laugh out of your scrambling to switch the camera from 15-minute exposure mode to a 1/500th exposure. I’ve been there. Not with an ND filter, but with tripods and other junk that just wouldn’t move fast enough to catch something like your otter.


    Kim G
    DF, Mexico
    Where the photographic opportunities are rife. I just need to find time to capture them.

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