Colour Me Happy

Every now and then I come across/am given a handful of old photos. Because I am, rather sadly, quite old, some of those old photos are black and white. Which is cool. I suppose.


But I prefer colour. Or at least, I like to make them colour. When I have the time to play around with Photoshop, anyway. To do a really good job of it takes quite a bit of dedication. I don’t seem to have enough time to spare these days to be really dedicated, so I do a quick rush job of it. This one took about 10 minutes. Meh. It’ll do.

Nan and I Colour

2 thoughts on “Colour Me Happy

  1. I’ve colorized the odd, old B&W photo. Though it doesn’t look anything like a real color photo, it nonetheless comes out surprisingly well. And it’s kind of fun to do. Really, it’s just a matter of keeping the edges tidy, IMHO.

    Saludos mi amigo!

    Kim G
    CDMX, México
    Where we have done remarkably little photography or touristic stuff.


    1. It’s keeping those edges tidy that is so time consuming! You could go down to pixel level and spend a ridiculous amount of time on a photo if you cared to. I don’t care to. Doesn’t sound like you would care to either! It is just a bit of fun.

      The final result might not look like a true colour photo. But for snaps of familiar faces, it does make them more lifelike. Simply because I don’t remember seeing my family in black and white when they were still with us.

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