Colour Me Happy

Every now and then I come across/am given a handful of old photos. Because I am, rather sadly, quite old, some of those old photos are black and white. Which is cool. I suppose.


But I prefer colour. Or at least, I like to make them colour. When I have the time to play around with Photoshop, anyway. To do a really good job of it takes quite a bit of dedication. I don’t seem to have enough time to spare these days to be really dedicated, so I do a quick rush job of it. This one took about 10 minutes. Meh. It’ll do.

Nan and I Colour


2 thoughts on “Colour Me Happy

  1. I’ve colorized the odd, old B&W photo. Though it doesn’t look anything like a real color photo, it nonetheless comes out surprisingly well. And it’s kind of fun to do. Really, it’s just a matter of keeping the edges tidy, IMHO.

    Saludos mi amigo!

    Kim G
    CDMX, México
    Where we have done remarkably little photography or touristic stuff.


    • It’s keeping those edges tidy that is so time consuming! You could go down to pixel level and spend a ridiculous amount of time on a photo if you cared to. I don’t care to. Doesn’t sound like you would care to either! It is just a bit of fun.

      The final result might not look like a true colour photo. But for snaps of familiar faces, it does make them more lifelike. Simply because I don’t remember seeing my family in black and white when they were still with us.

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